A Guide to Towel Pants

Towel pants are becoming all the rage. They are the newest trend to hit the pools and the beaches. Find out why!

Towel Pants

Have you been seeing towel pants everywhere lately? This trend has been popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest, but do you know what they’re made from? Towel pants are the perfect loungewear piece that allows you to stay comfy while still looking stylish. Read on to learn more about what materials are used to make these cozy pants.

Towel Pants Materials

One of the most popular materials used for towel pants is terry cloth. Terry cloth is a type of fabric that is made from looped yarns and creates an absorbent texture. It’s often used for towels because it soaks up water quickly and can hold a lot of moisture. Terry cloth towel pants are usually lightweight and comfortable, perfect for those lazy days at home.

Another popular material for towel pants is French terry. One key difference between regular terry cloth and French terry is that French terry does not have loops on both sides—only one side has loops which creates a smoother texture than regular terry cloth. French terry towel pants usually feel softer and more luxurious than their terry cloth counterparts, making them ideal for those who want something cozier with a bit more style.

Finally, fleece is becoming increasingly popular as a fabric choice for towel pants. Fleece is made from polyester fibers and has a smooth surface with tiny fibers on the inside that trap air and provide insulation against cold temperatures. Fleece makes great winter lounge wear because it’s warm yet lightweight, so you won’t overheat if you wear it indoors or out!


Whether you’re looking for something light and breathable or something warmer and cozier, there’s sure to be a type of fabric perfect for your needs when it comes to towel pants! From lightweight terry cloth to luxurious French Terry and even warm fleece, there are countless options available when shopping for these cozy pieces of loungewear—so enjoy exploring all the possibilities!