What Are Towel Pants? You Have to Know About This Trend

Have you ever wondered what this new trend is with Towel Pants? Its been all the rage these days. We answer that and more!

Towel Pants

Have you ever heard of towel pants? If not, don’t worry—you’re not alone. In recent years, towel pants have become a popular fashion trend for men and women alike. So what are they exactly? Let’s take a look at what towel pants are, why they’re so popular, and how to wear them.

What Are Towel Pants?

Towel pants are lightweight trousers made from absorbent material similar to terry cloth. They feature multiple pockets and come in various colors and styles. The most popular type of towel pant is the “baja” style—a lightweight drawstring pant with an elastic waistband and tapered leg openings. The baja style originates from Mexico and was popularized by beach-goers in the 1970s.

Towel pants are popular because they are comfortable and versatile. They can be worn as casual attire or dressed up with a nice shirt or blazer for a more formal look. Additionally, towel pants dry quickly after getting wet, making them ideal for beachwear or outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, or hiking. Because of their versatility and comfort factor, they have become a staple item in many people's wardrobes in recent years.

How To Wear Towel Pants

The best way to wear towel pants is to pair them with other items that will enhance their casual vibe. For example, you can pair them with sandals for a beachy look or sneakers for a more street-style outfit. If you want to dress up your towel pants, try pairing them with loafers or ankle boots and adding on a blazer or shirt jacket for an elevated yet relaxed look.


Towel pants offer comfort and versatility that make them an ideal addition to any wardrobe. Whether you're looking for something casual to wear around the house or something stylish for the pool, these lightweight trousers are sure to fit the bill! With their ability to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and their quick-drying fabric perfect for beach days and outdoor activities, it's no wonder why towel pants have become so popular in recent years! Try adding some towels into your wardrobe today!