Camping Comfortably with Just a Blanket

If you are interested in cowboy camping under the stars with just a blanket, we have a few pointers you need to know!

Camping Blanket

If you’ve ever wanted to get outdoors and experience camping in its simplest form, then you’ll want to know the answer to this question—can you camp using just a blanket?

The truth is, camping with just a blanket can be done quite comfortably as long as you have the right supplies and follow some basic rules. Let’s take a look at what it takes to camp with only a blanket.

Choose Your Blanket Wisely

The key to successful camping with just a blanket is choosing the right one. You need something that is both lightweight and warm so that it won’t weigh you down when you’re on the move.

A wool or synthetic blend blanket works best for this purpose; cotton blankets are too heavy and don’t insulate well enough for outdoor temperatures.

Additionally, choose a color that won't stand out too much against your surroundings—darker colors like navy blue or green blend in better than bright colors like red or orange.

Be Prepared for Any Weather

It goes without saying that when you plan on camping with just a blanket, you need to make sure that it can handle all types of weather conditions.

Be prepared for rain, snow, and wind by bringing along some extra layers for added warmth such as fleece jackets and hats.

Consider investing in a waterproof shell jacket if there’s a good chance of rain during your trip; this will keep your core dry while still allowing your arms freedom of movement while working around camp.

Know Your Terrain

Before setting out on any camping trip, make sure you know the terrain so that you can plan accordingly.

If your trip is taking place in an area with dense foliage then consider bringing along an additional tarp or two; these will provide additional protection from wind, rain, and snow while also creating more usable space around camp.

Additionally, if the ground is particularly rocky or uneven then consider bringing along some extra padding for comfort—pads made from foam are lightweight yet still provide plenty of cushioning from hard surfaces below.


Camping with just a blanket doesn't have to be uncomfortable or impractical—with the right supplies and knowledge of your surroundings it can actually be quite comfortable!

Investing in some quality gear such as an insulated sleeping bag or wool blankets will ensure that no matter what type of weather conditions arise during your trip, you'll stay warm and dry all night long!

So if you're looking for an easier way to experience nature without having to carry lots of bulky equipment then try camping using only a blanket next time!