Do Cycling Gloves Help With Numbness?

If you experience numbness is your hands when riding your bicycle, gloves might be able to solve your problems!

Cycling gloves

If you’ve ever gone on a long bike ride, you know that numbness in your hands can be a major issue. While it is tempting to try to ignore the problem, the discomfort can make it difficult to continue riding, and it can even lead to more serious issues like nerve damage if left untreated. Fortunately, there are solutions out there—namely cycling gloves! But do they actually help with numbness? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are designed to provide extra padding between your hands and the handlebars of your bike. This added cushioning can help reduce pressure in areas prone to numbness or soreness, like the palms of your hands. Additionally, some cycling gloves come with gel inserts or vibration-dampening technology, which can further reduce discomfort from long rides.

But cycling gloves don’t just provide comfort; they also offer protection from the elements. High-quality cycling gloves will often have water-resistant outer layers that protect your hands from rain and wind while allowing them to breathe. Some cycling gloves are even designed specifically for cold weather riding, with insulation and fleecy liners that keep your hands warm in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius).

Finally, many cyclists prefer using cycling gloves because they offer a better grip on the handlebars than bare skin does. This helps ensure that you maintain control over your bike even when roads are wet or uneven. Plus, some cycling gloves come equipped with special features like reflective materials or LED lights for extra visibility in low light conditions.


All things considered, wearing cycling gloves is a great way to increase comfort and protect yourself while biking. They can help relieve pressure points that cause numbness during long rides and offer additional benefits like better grip and protection against the elements.

Ultimately, whether you should invest in a pair of cycling gloves depends on how often you ride and what kind of conditions you typically encounter—but no matter what kind of cyclist you are, these versatile accessories are definitely worth considering!