Do You Wear Socks with Cycling Shoes? Lets Take A Look!

If you are new to cycling and want to know everything about your footgear you have come to the right place!

Cycling sock

It’s one of the oldest debates in cycling circles—to wear socks or not to wear socks with cycling shoes? Some riders swear by the sock-free look while others prefer to keep their feet warm and dry. So, what’s really the best option? Let’s take a closer look at this debate, weigh the pros and cons of both sides, and decide once and for all whether you should be wearing socks with your cycling shoes.

Pros of Wearing Socks

The primary benefit of wearing socks is that it keeps your feet warm when riding in cold weather. In addition to providing thermal insulation, socks also help protect your feet from chafing due to repetitive contact between your skin and the inside of your shoes. They also help absorb sweat, which can make for a more comfortable ride overall.

Cons of Wearing Socks

On the flip side, there are some potential drawbacks associated with wearing socks. The first is that they can cause friction against your foot and lead to blisters on long rides.

In addition, some cyclists find that their performance suffers when wearing thick socks due to decreased power transfer from their legs to their pedals. Finally, thick socks can make it more difficult to get a snug fit in your cycling shoes, leading to uncomfortable pressure points on long rides.

Pros of Not Wearing Socks

Many cyclists find that going without socks makes them feel more connected with their bike—a feeling that can improve power transfer and ultimately result in better performance on the road or trail. Without any fabrics between your skin and shoe lining either, you won’t have to worry about any uncomfortable bunching or rubbing when pedaling hard or climbing steep grades.


In the end, whether or not you choose to wear socks with your cycling shoes depends largely on personal preference and conditions when out riding (e g hot vs cold weather). Ultimately though no matter which way you go – wearing them or going sockless – just make sure you have a comfortable fit so you can focus on performing well!

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