Best Egg Container: Top Picks To Keep Your Eggs Unbreakable

Are you looking for a convenient way to store your eggs? Our list of egg containers will help keep your kitchen organized!!

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Do you have a problem with eggs breaking?

We’ve all been there – we go to the fridge to get some eggs for breakfast and end up with eggshells everywhere. Not anymore though! With one these top-rated egg holders, your eggs will be safe and sound no matter how you transport them.

Keep your eggs from cracking by using an egg container. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to find the perfect one for you. Plus, the containers are made out of durable materials that will keep your eggs safe even if they get dropped. Whether you are looking for an egg carton or a dozen eggs there is something for you on our list.

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How We Found The Best Egg Containers Out There

You've probably seen a lot of different egg containers out there and don't know which one to buy.

It can be tough to figure out what the best egg container is because there are so many options. And if you're like most people, you want to find something that's affordable, durable, and easy to use.

We did the hard work for you and read through thousands of reviews to find the best egg holders on the market.

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Utopia Home Egg Container For Refrigerator - 14 Egg Container With Lid & Handle

The Utopia Home Egg Container is a great choice for people looking to store eggs in their refrigerator. The trays are designed with durability in mind, so you don't have to worry about them breaking or falling off your shelves. The trays are also stackable, which allows you to create extra space if you need it. And the clear design means you can easily see what's inside these egg holders without taking up valuable fridge real estate. While they're not dishwasher safe, they are really meant to be hand washed. They're just sturdy enough that most people shouldn't have any issues using them regularly.

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Egg Container for Refrigerator BPA Free Refrigerator Organizer Bins

The Ettori 18 egg container is a high-quality option for those looking to store a large number of eggs. It's the best egg storage box we reviewed, and it can hold up to 18 eggs without any bending or deformation. The clear plastic design allows you to easily view your eggs when they're placed in this unit, which makes it easier to keep an eye on them while they're in storage. While these features make this an excellent choice for storing multiple sizes of eggs, the best feature is the extra flat space on top you can use for extra storage in your fridge.

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Large Capacity Egg Holder for Refrigerator, Egg Fresh Storage Box for Fridge

The OXO Good Grips Egg Holder is a great egg storage container in large part because of its innovative design and space-saving features. The plastic construction makes this item sturdy, while the semi-enclosed shape helps to reduce odors. The plastic lid has a sliding mechanism that allows you to lift it up or down, allowing you easy access when it's time to grab eggs from your fridge. It can also be used as an egg holder for other kitchen items as needed. The OXO Good Grips Egg Holder comes in a set of two.

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Echomerx 2-Drawer Egg Holder For Refrigerator Save Space Organizer - Slide-Out Egg Storage Tray

If you're looking for a space-saving egg holder that's easy to maintain, then the Echomerx Egg Holder is the right choice for you. This egg holder comes with two trays that can be removed easily. The white plastic drawer slides smoothly into place and holds up to 40 eggs comfortably. Even better, this egg holder is also dishwasher safe, so it's super easy to clean. There are some issues with this product though. It looks sleek and fits perfectly in your fridge, making it a great option for our list.

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Vented Paper Pulp Egg Cartons (24 Pack)

These are a little smaller in size, and they're printed on 100% recycled paper instead of unprinted, so they're good for the environment too. These egg containers also have an interesting design element that makes them stand out from other egg boxes out there - they feature a recyclable material so you can be eco friendly. They can also be used as storage containers for small items like craft supplies or beads and jewelry pieces if you don't need that much space to store things in yourself.

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HANSGO Egg Holder for Refrigerator, Deviled Egg Tray Carrier with Lid

The Hansgo Egg Holder is a great choice for those who want to take their egg storage game up a few notches. It has an attractive design that makes it look good on display, and its sturdy plastic construction means it's built to last. The egg holder fits 24 eggs at a time, which is more than enough room for most families' needs. The lid seals tightly to keep your eggs fresh and safe, and the box itself can be used as additional fridge or pantry storage if you don't need this specific egg holder.

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JAMOR 6 Grid Egg Storage Box Refrigerator Crisper Egg Protection Box

The Jamor 6-egg box is a nice, basic egg box that's great for storing six eggs. It has a smooth plastic finish with rounded edges, and it stands at just 2.8 inches tall so it won't take up too much space in your fridge or cupboards. This container is made from food-grade polypropylene plastic which means these containers are safe to use, durable and eco-friendly. They're also BPA free which makes them an appealing option for those who prefer their plastics to be toxin free. The bottom of this container features grooves on its base which make sure each egg doesn't move around too much during storage. The lid of this box snaps onto the base securely so you can count on it staying put even when you need to shake things up every now and then.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions Around Egg Storage Containers

Are you tired of dealing with egg cartons that don't close properly and eggs that crack?

It's so frustrating when you go to put away your eggs and the carton falls apart. Not only is it a pain to clean up, but it means you have to go out and buy more eggs.

We answered the most commonly asked questions about egg containers so you can find the best one for your needs. From plastic or paper designs to holders and boxes with lids, there's something out there for everyone. Just make sure to do your research before buying any egg containers to ensure they're safe and reliable, that makes a more personalized web experience.

DIY Custom Egg Carton

If you need egg storage ideas from dollar store items or are looking for a dollar tree egg holder check out this video. Some stores may have different specifications, limited quantities, or may not carry the necessary supplies. You can get items online via a same page link to the egg carton!

Do all egg holders need lids?

Generally, egg holders do not require lids. Although some egg holders come with lids for convenience or additional protection from dirt and dust, they are not necessary as eggs can be safely stored without one.

It is important to note that although a lid may help keep your eggs fresh, it won't make much of difference if the holder itself isn't properly cleaned and sanitized regularly. Therefore, the best way to store eggs is to ensure that their container is regularly cleaned and kept in a cool place away from sunlight.

What do you call the container for eggs?

An egg carton, also known as an egg box or tray, is a container designed for the safe transportation and storage of eggs. The primary purpose of the egg carton is to protect eggs against breakage and contamination.

Egg cartons are usually made from recycled paper pulp, molded pulp (recycled cardboard), foam plastic material, or expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). Some unique variations may include corrugated cardboard and other materials.

Egg cartons come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of eggs such as chicken, duck, quail or even ostrich eggs. Different design features such as compartments that can hold up to 12 individual eggs help make sure they don't crack during transport or shipping.

Why do people buy containers for eggs?

People buy containers for eggs due to their durable and strong nature and because they provide an efficient storage solution. Egg cartons, trays, and boxes are typically made from recycled plastic or paper pulp, which makes them eco-friendly.

They also protect the eggs against damage and pressure that may occur during transportation or when moving around in the refrigerator. The tight construction of containers helps keep moisture away from the eggs while keeping them tightly packed together so they don't move around too much.

Furthermore, egg container labels can help give valuable information such as expiration date/time, country of origin and nutrition facts. All this make egg containers a great choice to store your eggs safely in a convenient way!

Do hard-boiled eggs need to be in a container in the fridge?

Yes, hard-boiled eggs should absolutely be kept in an airtight container when stored in the refrigerator. When exposed to oxygen for extended periods of time, boiled eggs can develop an off odor and flavor due to oxidation.

This is because the proteins inside the egg are broken down into amino acids and peptides, creating a sulfur smell and a bitter taste. By storing them in an airtight container you will help prevent this from occurring by eliminating excess oxygen exposure.

How do you store fresh eggs?

Eggs should be stored in their original carton or container to maintain their freshness, as the containers are typically made from plastic or cardboard and provide a layer of protection for the eggs. The carton also helps to keep moisture out and prevents air from getting in, which can cause them to dry out quickly.

Additionally, it's important to store your eggs in the refrigerator at 40°F (or 4°C) or below, which will prevent the growth of bacteria that can spoil them. It is recommended that you place your eggs on an interior shelf within the fridge so they don’t get too much exposure to temperature changes when someone opens and closes the door.

Is an egg container worth it?

Absolutely! An egg container is an excellent investment for anyone looking to store their eggs safely and efficiently. Not only does it protect your eggs from absorbing any odors or flavors from other food items, but it also helps you keep your refrigerator organized and tidy.

The fact that they come in varying sizes means that they are a versatile tool that can be used for almost any type of egg storage needs — ranging from small batches to large group gatherings. All in all, an egg container is a great way to ensure safe storage without taking up extra space in the fridge or pantry.

What is the safest way to store eggs?

The safest way to store eggs is to keep them in their original cartons and refrigerate them at a temperature of 40°F or below. This will help prevent the growth of bacteria that can lead to foodborne illness. Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than four weeks, as their quality quickly declines past this point.

How many eggs can a container hold?

A typical egg container can hold up to 24 eggs, depending on the size of the eggs and the type of container. For example, a standard carton used for large supermarket eggs has 12 slots with two rows of six slots each. In comparison, other types of containers like foam egg flats are much more spacious and can typically fit 24 eggs in two rows of twelve slots each. Additionally, some modern containers may even have as many as 30 or 36 compartments for larger or specialty-sized eggs.

If you play the game how many eggs in the jar, whoever has the closest guess, or guesses correctly how many Easter eggs are in a Snapware egg carrier, wins. The goal is to get as many correct guesses as possible.

The Right Egg Holder For You

And there you have it, we found the best plastic egg holders that had a high average rating value and positive review. You wont find a top quality list on other sites with with so many egg holders that have 5 stars. We hope our article has helped make your decision easier in finding a good egg container to organize your kitchen.