How to Effectively Carry Climbing Sticks for Your Tree Stand

If you are heading out on a hunt with a tree stand odds are you have a lot of gear. We break down the best way to carry climbing sticks.

Climbing sticks

If you’re an avid hunter, you know that having the right equipment can make all the difference. Carrying and setting up a tree stand is no small feat – but if you use climbing sticks, it’s easier than ever to get the perfect spot. Read on to learn more about how to effectively carry climbing sticks for your next hunting trip.

Choosing Your Climbing Stick Type

The type of climbing stick you choose will depend on the environment in which you’re hunting. For example, if your hunting grounds are full of thick foliage, then a solid-construction stick with a built-in step may be better than collapsible stick sections that can snag on plants and branches as you ascend.

On the other hand, if your hunting grounds are open and there are few snags, then smaller folding or telescoping sticks may be ideal since they take up less space and weigh less while still offering enough support when ascending or descending from your tree stand.

Safety Considerations

When using climbing sticks, safety is always paramount. Make sure that your chosen sticks have been tested for strength and stability – no matter what type of stick or brand you buy, it should never fail under normal conditions or usage levels. A good rule of thumb is to only use climbing sticks from reliable brands to ensure quality construction and materials.

Additionally, make sure that any buckles used in the design are secure – avoid any loose straps or buckles that could potentially cause a slip or fall. Finally, inspect each stick before every ascent – take note of any worn parts or frayed edges before continuing with your climb.

Carrying Tips & Tricks  

When carrying multiple climbing sticks at once, it can be tricky to find a convenient way to transport them without straining yourself too much (or taking up too much room). One option is to attach the top two sticks together with bungee cords so they form an X-shape across your back; this technique makes it easy to carry multiple sticks while keeping both hands free.

Another option is simply tying two sets together with rope or cordage; this allows you to easily keep track of all four pieces without having them clanking against each other as you walk through brushy areas (which can be noisy!).   Finally, consider adding carabiners or clips onto each piece; this will make connecting them together even easier and faster!


Carrying climbing sticks doesn’t have to be difficult – with these tips in mind, it can actually be quite easy! Remember that different types of terrain may require different styles of sticking; make sure to choose wisely based on where you’ll be hunting most often.

Keep safety in mind at all times by inspecting each piece before every ascent and avoiding loose straps or buckles that could cause slips or falls when in use. With proper preparation and technique, carrying climbing sticks for your tree stand shouldn’t give hunters any trouble!

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