How to Keep Your Towels Warm and Cozy

If you love self care but your hot towels don't stay warm long enough check out these top tips! You will be amazed!

Hot towel warmer

Nothing compares to the comfort of a warm towel after a hot bath or shower. But, if you’ve ever had the experience of getting out of the shower only to find that your towel has cooled off, then you know how frustrating it can be! Fortunately, there are plenty of simple tricks and tips to help keep your towels warm and cozy all day long.

Use A Heated Towel Rack or Warmer

One of the best ways to keep your towels warm is by investing in a heated towel rail or warmer. These are typically wall-mounted units that contain an internal heating element. The heat radiates outward from the unit and keeps your towels warm even on chilly days. Heated towel rails come in a variety of designs and sizes, so you can find one that fits with your bathroom decor. Plus, they're usually quite energy efficient, so they won't drive up your electricity bills too much.

Insulate Your Hot Towel

If you don't have room for a heated towel rail or warmer in your bathroom, there's still hope! You can use insulation to keep the heat in your hot towel for longer periods of time. Simply roll the towel in something like a large glass jar or a larger towel before putting it over the rack. This will help trap some of the heat inside and keep it from dissipating as quickly as it would otherwise.

Keep Your Towels Close Together

Heat also radiates from objects when they’re close together, so try keeping all your towels close together on one side of the rack instead of spread out across different parts. This way they’ll stay warmer for longer periods of time since their collective warmth will be able to stay intact instead of dissipating too quickly into the air around them.


Keeping towels warm doesn't have to be difficult—with a few simple tricks and tips, you can make sure that your towels stay nice and cozy all day long! Investing in a heated towel rail is one great option but if that isn't practical for you then insulating them with glass jars or bottles and keeping them close together on one side are both viable alternatives as well! With these tips in hand, you'll never have to worry about cold towels again!

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