Looking for a Kids Snow Shovel? Check Out the Top 5

We looked at several different models of snow shovels to find the one that is perfect for your little one! All of the snow shovels are top rated!

Snow shovel for kids

Winter is coming and that means lots of shoveling!

But kids can help out too, with the right snow shovel. We've put together a list of the best kids snow shovels to make the process a little bit easier. From lightweight and easy-to-use designs to fun and festive colors, we've got you covered.

Make sure your child is ready to help out this winter by purchasing them their very own kids snow shovel today!

So read on to find the perfect kids snow shovel for your little one this winter!

How We Found the Best Kids Snow Shovels on the Market

Shoveling snow is hard work, and it's even harder when you have to do it with kids in tow.

Not only do you have to worry about getting all the snow cleared away, but you also have to make sure your little ones are safe and warm.

We've done the research for you and found the best shovels for kids on the market today. With our help, clearing the snow will be a breeze - even with the kiddos in tow. Take your kiddos and do a satisfying job removing that fresh snow and get instantly visible results!

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Suncast SK4000 12 Kids Snow Shovel with 34-Inch Resin Handle

Best kids snow shovel with a resin handle

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How it Made the Pick

Winter snowstorms can be exciting for kids, providing lots of fun playing in the snow. Kids love to build snowmen, go sledding and make snow angels, but for parents it also means that it's time to break out the shovels. Now you don't have to worry about your children wreaking havoc on a regular shovel: with this heavy-duty poly coated plastic shovel, they'll be able to help tackle all the winter weather while you get a much-needed break.

It's lightweight enough for even the youngest kids to handle while still being strong enough to deal with anything that winter throws at you. It is just the right size for kids. Best of all, you won't have to worry about replacing it every winter as special poly coating helps keep this shovel looking like new year after year! So let your kids join in on the fun of dealing with winter weather and get them their very own snow shovel today!

What Makes it Worthy

Say goodbye to winter woes! With the Suncast SK4000 12 Kids Snow Shovel, you can be sure your little ones will have an easier time on those days when it's time to clear away the snow.

This snow shovel features a durable, 0.875" resin handle that measures 34" long, and has been designed with a rust-resistant, powder-coated finish for long lasting use. The child-size blade is 12" x 10", and is made of resin with angled ribbing for optimum snow removal performance. So, ditch those tired old shovels and make sure your kids are prepared this winter season with the Suncast SK4000 12 Kids Snow Shovel!

Rocky Mountain Goods Kids Snow Shovel - Perfect Sized Snow Shovel for Kids Age 3 to 12

Best plastic kids snow shovel

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How it Made the Pick

If you have kids, then winter means one thing: shoveling snow. Kids love the chance to get out there and help with the task, but their little hands can easily tire from doing too much lugging and scooping when it comes to heavier loads. That's why this kids snow shovel is such an awesome invention!

It has an innovative reinforced hard plastic bend-proof design that works for shoveling even the heaviest of snows. But perhaps best of all, it's still extremely lightweight, making it easy for kids to use without straining themselves or risking injury.

This versatile design also includes a comfortable gripping handle that won't slip and dimensions that are tailored specifically for children. So now your kids can help out more with clearing those heavy duty snows - in safety and comfort! And don’t worry if they break it - it's designed tough enough to last through season after season of future cold winters. What’s not to love? With this kids snow shovel on board, your wintertime chores just got a whole lot easier!

What Makes it Worthy

Let your kids experience the fun of playing in the snow with the Rocky Mountain Goods Kids Snow Shovel. This shovel is the perfect size for kids and toddlers measuring in at 34”, and it has a smaller shovel head that makes it easier for them to dig. Kids will love using their own adjustable snow shovel!

When it comes to keeping your kids safe, you can rest assured that this Rocky Mountain shovel is designed with safety in mind. Unlike metal snow shovels, this plastic model is much safer for smaller hands.

Superio Child Size Shovel- Plastic Snow Shovel for Kids, Toddlers- Orange, 2 Pack

Best selling kids snow shovel

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How it Made the Pick

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a young kid, it doesn't get much better than a kids' snow shovel. Not only are they fun and will get kids interested in learning and taking on new responsibilities, but they can also be incredibly rewarding experiences when children help other family members clear snow around the home.

Whether it's Christmas or a birthday, or even just a special occasion, gifting a small children-sized snow shovel is sure to bring smiles all round! Getting little ones involved in shoveling the driveway and paths with mom and dad will create lasting memories that keep on giving throughout their childhood.

Plus, as an added bonus, it'll make those long winter days outside trying to keep up with the big kids much more enjoyable! So next time you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite little one, consider giving them a kids' snow shovel – you won’t be disappointed!

What Makes it Worthy

Finding the perfect snow shovel for your kids just got easier with the Superio Child Size Shovel! Whether they're helping around the house or simply playing in the snow, this shovel has all their needs covered. It's constructed with a 35-inch overall height, so children and toddlers won't feel overwhelmed when it comes time to break out the shovel and get to work!

But that's not all - this shovel wasn't just designed for practicality - comfort is just as important! That's why the Superio Child Size Shovel features a D-shaped handle ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Your little ones will be able to grip and move their way through heaps of snow with ease. And speaking of easy, its 12-inch width and 10-inch height make it simple to scoopup plenty of material without needing too much effort! With winter coming up fast, you'll definitely want to equip your family with this kid-friendly tool.

Afterall, with an affordable price tag like this one, why look anywhere else? Get your hands on the Superio Child Size Shovel today and make winter even more fun for your kids - it's sure to become a family favorite!

Matty's Toy Stop 28" Heavy Duty Wooden Snow Shovels with Plastic Scoop & Handle for Kids - 2 Pack (Red & Blue Swirl)

Best snow shovel for smaller kids

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How it Made the Pick

If you're looking for a reliable way to play in the snow without breaking a sweat, then this properly scaled tool is perfect! They come in a convenient 2 pack, with one red and one blue design. Great for smaller kids that really want to get out there and play, this set is ergonomic and lightweight enough for them to handle properly.

The gently curved handles ensure maximum comfort when shoveling away, so you can be sure your little ones will love playing in the snow even more. Plus with two available, they can even switch halfway through or let other kids join in the fun! So get ready to explore the wonders of winter with these snow shovels - they're sure to keep everyone safe and sound. Make your snowball fights extra special with this great duo!

What Makes it Worthy

Are you looking for a sturdy, long lasting kids snow shovel? Matty's Toy Stop has the perfect tool for you! These shovels are made with top quality materials that will get your kiddo through any tough snow removal job this winter. The wood handles and thick plastic scoops are joined together with robust screws, not flimsy staples like other brands, making them incredibly durable and reliable.

You can trust this product to keep working day after day so you don’t have to invest all your time shoveling out of routine storms! So when winter comes make sure you're prepared with Matty's Toy Stop shovels. Get yours today before they're sold out!

Matty's Toy Stop 10" Plastic Sand Shovels for Kids (Red, Blue, Green & Yellow Swirl) Complete Gift Set Party Bundle - 4 Pack

Best tiny sand/snow shovels

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How it Made the Pick

If you have a toddler at home, you know the thrill of getting them out in the fresh air to play. Whether it's building sand castles in the summertime or snowmen in the wintertime, it's always a joy to watch them experiencing new adventures. The perfect accessory for all these activities is these amazing shovels!

These fun-sized tools are sized just right for little hands, and they're built for digging in the sand. But that doesn't mean they can't have plenty of use in the snow, too! Not only are they great for scooping up piles of powdery white stuff and packing it into a near-perfect snowman shape, but you can use the in the summer too.

So if you're looking for a way to let your children enjoy some outdoor fun while keeping their healthy and safe during colder weather, these shovels are sure to bring plenty of fun - all without breaking any parents' budgets!  Sure, they were made with sand in mind, but they are truly perfect for playing in the snow, too!  Get some today so your toddlers can discover what winter has to offer them.  They just might start counting down the days until their next snow day with these perfectly child size shovels!

What Makes it Worthy

When it comes to playtime, Matty's Toy Stop has you covered! These awesome tiny shovels are a must-have for every young explorer’s toolbox. The four-pack set includes fun designs and heavy duty plastic construction for hours of outdoor digging. Little ones will be thrilled with the vivid colors and curved handle that’s easy to grip and perfect for little hands.

Each shovel measures approximately 10 inches long and provides just the right amount of excitement that kids need to explore the great outdoors. Perfect for trips to the beach or park, these shovels are a great way to get your kids engaged outdoors in a unique way. Give your children the gift of adventure with Matty's Toy Stop tiny shovels!

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Most Commonly Asked Questions Around Snow Shovels for Kids

It's that time of year again where the forecast is calling for snow, but you're not sure if you should buy a snow shovel for your kid.

Every winter, without fail, there are parents out there who have to make the last minute decision whether or not to buy their kids a snow shovel. And every year, there are also parents who regret not buying one.

We've answered the most commonly asked questions around snow shovels for kids so you can make the right buying decision. Our guide includes info on weight limits, sizes and types of shovels available, as well as tips on how to teach your child to use a shovel safely.

Why you should get your kid a snow shovel

A snow shovel is a great way to get your kids outside and into some fresh air. It's also a good way to help them stay active, which is important for their growing bodies. And finally, it's a great way to teach them some basic life skills.

How big should a kid's snow shovel be?

It depends on the child's height and weight. A good shovel size guide is to have the shovel be half the child's height. For example, a 4-year-old should use a shovel that is about 2 feet long.

Are plastic or metal shovels better for kids?

There are pros and cons to both plastic and metal shovels when it comes to kids. Plastic shovels are often less heavy, making them easier for kids to handle. They're also less likely to cause a cut if they fall on a child. However, metal shovels can be more durable and last longer.

Can kids shovel the walkways of snow?

Yes, kids can shovel the walkways of snow. It's a great way for them to earn some money and help out around the house.

Make sure to show your kids how to shovel properly so they don't hurt their backs and get a lightweight snow shovel. Always remind them to be careful when walking on icy surfaces.

What activities can snow shovels be used for?

Some people use snow shovels for activities such as snowboarding, skiing, or sledding. You can use the shovel to build snow jumps, snow caves, dig out pathways and all kinds of other activities.

The Right Kids Snow Shovel for You

So there you have it! After hours of reading reviews and shoveling snow, we’ve come up with the best snow shovels for kids. All our picks for a child size snow shovel allow for a manageable load for clearing snow. Hopefully, this list will help make your decision a little easier (and save you some time). Finally if you love this content share it on your profile and yes, share twitter, facebook, instagram, all the social media accounts. Let us know in the comments what kind of shovel your kiddo ended up using this winter – and if it was one of our recommendations!