The ABCs of Climbing Chalk

Chalk is an important part of climbing, as it helps to keep your hands dry and gives you a better grip on the rocks.

Climbing chalk

If you've ever been to a rock-climbing gym, you've probably seen climbers with chalk all over their hands. But what exactly is climbing chalk, and why do climbers use it? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this essential piece of climbing gear.

What is Climbing Chalk?
Climbing chalk is a finely ground powder that absorbs sweat and provides grip. It's made from magnesium carbonate, which is the same stuff that's used in theater productions to keep actors' hands dry.

Why Do Climbers Use It?
Climbing chalk is used to keep climbers' hands dry during climbs. When your hands get sweaty, they lose their grip and can slip off the holds. Chalk helps to absorb sweat and keeps your hands dry so you can maintain a good grip.

How Do You Use It?
Climbing chalk comes in a small bag or container. To use it, simply open the bag and dip your hand inside. Then rub your hands together until they're completely covered in chalk. Some climbers also like to put chalk on their forearms to help keep their arms dry.

Climbing chalk is an essential piece of gear for any climber, beginner or expert. It helps to keep your hands dry and provides the grip you need to stay on the wall. So next time you're at the climbing gym, don't forget to grab a bag of chalk before you start your climb!

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