The Art of Hat Etiquette: What is Proper In Todays Society

A guide to hat etiquette in modern society. From the basics of putting on a hat, to more formal occasions, learn what is proper.

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Hats are a timeless accessory that have evolved through many different styles over the years. Whether you’re wearing a baseball cap, fedora, or a beret, there is an art to wearing a hat in public with proper etiquette. Read on to learn more about hat etiquette and how to keep it classy at all times!

When Should You Wear a Hat?

It is often considered improper to wear hats indoors, especially in places such as religious buildings and other areas where people gather for formal events. However, some hats can be worn indoors if they’re part of traditional dress such as military caps. In general though, it is considered polite to remove your hat when entering an enclosed space unless the event organizer specifically requests that you wear one.

How to Remove Your Hat

If you do need to remove your hat in public, there are certain rules for doing so. First of all, always take your hat off with your right hand; this rule applies even if you’re left-handed! Secondly, never put your hat on again until you leave the room or building. This shows respect for those around you by not blocking their view while they’re talking or engaging in any activity. Finally, never rest your hat on the table or floor; instead place it on a nearby shelf or hook so that it doesn’t get dirty.

Hat Etiquette for Different Occasions

The type of occasion will determine what type of headwear is appropriate and how to wear it correctly. For example, at formal events like weddings and funerals men should always opt for full-brimmed hats such as long brimmed fedoras or bowler hats whereas women should wear fascinators or pillbox hats with veils attached. At less formal occasions like parties and dinners, men may choose to sport trilby style hats while women can wear cloche hats or wide-brimmed sunhats depending on the season.


Whether you are attending a formal event or simply going out for dinner with friends, it's important to remember the basic rules of proper hat etiquette! When wearing a hat indoors always remember to take it off before entering the room and never put it back on until you leave. And when attending special occasions like weddings and funerals make sure that your choice of headwear is appropriate for the event. Following these simple rules will ensure that no matter what type of hat you choose to wear; you'll always look stylish and respectful!

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