The Basics of Brewing Tea in a Kyusu

A kyusu is a great way to brew tea in a traditional way. It allows the tea to absorb all the flavor for a delectable experience.

Tea pot

If you’ve ever looked into traditional Japanese tea brewing, you’ve probably heard about kyusu teapots. But can you use a kyusu to brew any type of tea? Let’s learn more about the basics of brewing tea with a kyusu.

What is a Kyusu Teapot?

A kyusu is an unglazed teapot used for brewing Japanese green tea. It is usually small and has a handle on one side and a spout on the other. The most common material used for making these teapots is clay or ceramic, but some are also made from glass or porcelain.  Most kyusu have mesh filters built into their spouts to prevent loose leaves from getting into your cup when pouring the tea.

Uses of a Kyusu

Kyusus are mainly used to brew green tea, but they can be used to make any type of loose-leaf tea such as oolong, black, white, or herbal. You can also use them to make matcha—simply add hot water directly to the matcha powder and whisk it until it's frothy and ready to drink!  Kyusu teapots are great for brewing large amounts of tea at once, so if you plan on having multiple people over for afternoon tea, this would be the perfect tool!

Brewing Method

The method for making tea in a kyusu is quite simple—just add your loose-leaf tea leaves into the pot and fill it with hot water (around 80°C). Let the leaves steep for two minutes before pouring out the first infusion into cups. Then re-steep the same leaves up to three times more, adding an extra minute each time. This allows each subsequent infusion to bring out different flavor notes in your cup!

Final Thoughts

While there are many different types of teapots out there, nothing beats the classic kyusu when it comes to traditional Japanese green tea brewing! Not only does it look great sitting atop your countertop, but its small size and built-in filter make it perfect for making multiple cups of delicious hot beverages at once—no matter what type of loose-leaf tea you prefer! Hopefully this article has helped you understand how easy it can be to brew fantastic tasting cups of tea using this classic Japanese tool. Happy brewing!