7 Velvet Ottoman Pieces to Spice Up Any Room

Our top picks for the best Velvet ottoman are stylish and affordable, so you can get the perfect match for your home

Storage ottomans

Ready to add a little spice to your life?

We’ve got just the thing. Our favorite velvet ottoman pieces will transform any room into something special. With several different colors to choose from, you can find the perfect one for any space.

Not only are they stylish, but they’re also comfortable and versatile. You can use them as a footrest, extra seating, or even a coffee table. And since they’re made of velvet, they’ll be soft to the touch and easy on the eyes.

Shop for your new set today and you will be on your way to a more stylish home in no time!

How We Found the Best Ottomans

You want to buy a new velvet ottoman but don't have time to read through all the reviews.

It can be tough to figure out which velvet ottoman is the best for you.

We did the hard work for you and read through thousands of reviews to find the best velvet ottomans on sale. Whether you're looking for a round ottoman or a square one, we've got you covered.

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Homepop Home Decor Upholstered Round Velvet Tufted Foot Rest Ottoman

The Kinfine HomePop Ottoman Footrest is one of the best storage ottomans on the market because it's designed to be sturdy enough for a weight of up to 250 pounds, making it perfect for use as a coffee table or side table. This ottoman features an attractive wooden frame with button tufting on top, and the velvet fabric seat is both durable and comfortable. The lid lifts off easily, making this an easy-to-assemble piece that will look great in any room.

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HOUCHICS Small Footstool Ottoman, Velvet Wooden Foot Stool Ottoman with Wood Legs

The Houchics footstool ottoman is a well-designed and sturdy little stool, making it ideal for use in the home or office. It's made from solid wood and comes with a velvet cover to protect it from scratches. While this stool does have an impressive weight capacity of 260 pounds, we would suggest that you limit this to adults only – young children might find it difficult to sit on this without toppling over backwards. When used as an extra seating option, the Houchics footstool ottoman will comfortably accommodate up to 250 pounds though.

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Ornavo Home Modern Round Velvet Storage Ottoman Foot Rest

The Ornavo Home Velvet-Straight Ottoman is a round and the legs are made of metal, which means it can stand up to heavy use in your living room. It has a velvet-like finish and comes in five colors, including teal so you will find the right color for your personality. We love how spacious this round ottoman is: you could easily fit remotes, and other living room necessities in it. It makes great extra seating if you need somewhere for unexpected house guests to sit.

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Small Rectangle Foot Stool, Velvet Fabric Footrest

The Lue BonA Small Rectangle Footstool Ottoman is a great option for those who need an ottoman that's small in stature but still offers the comfort of a padded seat. The square-shaped frame and non-slip feet keep this foot stool steady, even when you're sitting down on it. The velvet cushioned top means this ottoman is both comfortable and attractive to sit on. And while it lacks the decorative elements of some other models we tested, it's simple enough to blend into most decors if you don't want to go all out with decorations.

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Homepop Home Decor Large Button Tufted Velvet Round Storage Ottoman

The HomePop Ottomans are one of the most popular ottomans on Amazon, and for good reason. They're stylish, comfortable and sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds. Most importantly though, they have a spacious storage area under the cushions that can easily fit blankets or extra pillows. That means you don't need to bring out an actual couch if guests drop by unexpectedly. The velvet is also very soft and comfortable to sit on , so this is a great option for guests as well as family members who might stop by at any time.

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DEERUN Round Velvet Storage Ottoman Foot Rest Stool

Our favorite ottoman is the Deerun Classic Velvet Ottoman, which offers a plush velvet seat and sturdy wooden legs. It's also among the most affordable on Amazon The real standout feature of this ottoman, however, is its hidden storage space. The tray flips up to reveal three storage compartments for your things - perfect for holding magazines or remote controls. While we love that this set includes enough room for your stuff, the part we love the most is the lid flips over and doubles as a serving tray. If you're looking for a small footstool that doubles as extra seating then you won't find anything better than this ottoman right now.

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Ornavo Home Madison Modern Contemporary Square Upholstered Velvet Ottoman

The Ornavo Madison Ottoman is a great choice for those who want a traditional-looking piece that's also comfortable to sit on. With velvet upholstery and gold metal legs, this ottoman looks just like an expensive piece of furniture, but at less than $100 it's affordable too. Although the Madison Ottoman doesn't have a storage compartment, it does feature sturdy aluminum legs which are designed to support the weight of people sitting on it. The cushioning is plush and very comfortable to sit on. The only downside to the Ornavo Madison Ottoman is that due to its price point and lack of storage space as standard, we would expect more from the warranty offered by this brand - especially considering how much you pay for it.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Velvet Ottomans

You want to buy a new velvet ottoman but don't have time to read through all the reviews.

It can be tough to figure out which velvet ottoman is the best for you.

We did the hard work for you and read through thousands of reviews to find the best velvet ottomans for you. Whether you're looking for a sleek round ottoman or square one, we've got you covered with options.

Are velvet ottomans comfortable?

Yes, velvet ottomans can be extremely comfortable. The deep plushness of the velvet upholstery adds a luxurious feel while still offering support and comfort.

Velvet ottomans range in size from small to large and come in a variety of shapes including square, round, rectangular and oval to fit any space perfectly.

Some also have storage features that add convenience while also keeping living spaces tidy and organized. Furthermore, they are available in different colors so they can match any decor scheme you may have in mind!

What is velvet made from?

Velvet is a luxurious fabric made from a combination of silk, cotton, or synthetics such as rayon. It is woven in a tight weave to be smooth and soft with a short pile finish. The pile refers to the height of the loops that are created during manufacturing.

This particular type of fabric was first introduced during the Renaissance period in Italy and has been used for centuries as a sign of wealth and luxury due to its sumptuous feel and high price tag!

It wasn’t until around 1700 when advances in weaving technology allowed velvet to be produced on an industrial scale which then led to its widespread use by designers creating everything from clothing to upholstery fabrics.

Despite these advancements however, it remains one of the most expensive fabrics on the market due largely to its complex production methods - each yard requires more than two times as much thread compared with regular twill or satin weaves making it highly labor-intensive.

Additionally, velvet needs special care when laundering so if you decide purchase items made out this beautiful fabric always check care instructions before washing!

Is velvet more expensive?

Generally speaking, yes, velvet is more expensive than other fabrics. This is because of the unique construction and composition of velvet which requires more labor and cost to produce.

Velvet is constructed by weaving a cotton or silk base with a pile yarn that stands upright above it. This weave forms loops on top of each other allowing for an extra-plush feel when you touch it.

To sum up, due to its complex manufacturing process and use of premium materials like silk and linen, velvet tends to be relatively costly compared with other fabrics like tweed or cotton muslin fabrics which are often used in home décor items or apparel garments respectively .

What are the disadvantages of velvet?

There are a mix of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to velvet. Velvet is a soft, luxurious material, but it has its downsides.

It’s not a very durable fabric and can wear out easily with heavy use or long-term exposure to sunlight. It’s also prone to creasing, so wrinkles can form over time if you don't take care of the fabric properly.

Additionally, velvet picks up dust and dirt easily, making it difficult to keep clean without regular vacuuming or brushing. Finally, because velvet is made of tightly woven threads that are layered on top of one another, it does not breathe well and can provide an uncomfortably warm environment for your skin in warmer months.

What is the difference between an ottoman and a footstool?

The main difference is that a footstool is meant for your feet to rest on it whereas an ottoman can double as a seat. Ottomans are very popular in the bedroom at the foot of the bed to store extra blankets or whatever item you need to stow away.

Footrests have a minimalist style so they can be tucked away to save space. Storage ottomans also have space inside of them you can store items to keep them out of the way. Storage ottomans are many customers favorites and they filter their searches looking for them.

The Best Velvet Ottomans

There you have it, our top list of velvet ottomans to spruce up your homes decor. We hope this article was helpful and you found the right storage ottomans for your needs. We read thousands of reviews to find the top ottomans in order to compile this list. So grab a plush velvet ottoman and relax!

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