Mix Up Your Kitchen Masterpiece with the Vivohome Stand Mixer

Give your kitchen an upgrade with a powerful 660W mixer, designed to knead, mix, and whip all your favorite ingredients quickly and thoroughly.

Mixer for baking

Are you an avid baker in need of an all-in-one kitchen solution?

The Vivohome Stand Mixer is the perfect product for baking enthusiasts. This powerful 660W stand mixer features a handy 6-speed control with a pulse function, plus stainless steel bowl and 7.5QT large capacity so that you can make a variety of cakes, breads, cookies, and more! Its tilt-head design also allows for quick installation and detachment of the bowl and other attachments - no fussing around needed here.

Get ready to take your baking game up to the next level with this ultimate kitchen companion! Enjoy more freedom in your creations as you mix everything up perfectly. With its easy to use controls and comprehensive features, it will surely be an invaluable addition to any kitchen setup - especially yours!

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Product Specifications

The Vivohome Stand Mixer comes with a powerful 660W motor, designed to knead and mix all your favorite ingredients quickly and thoroughly. It has a handy 6-speed control with a pulse function for all your food tasks or recipe preparation needs.

The stainless steel bowl is made to food grade standards ensuring the health of your family and friends. With a large 7.5QT capacity, you can mix up cakes, breads, cookies, salad dressings, and more - all with ease!

The mixer also comes with 3 multipurpose accessories: an aluminum dough hook for kneading doughs such as biscuits, pastries and muffins; a stainless steel wire whisk for beating eggs and whipping creams; and an aluminum mixing beater for mixing cake and bread batter.

These accessories allow you to explore your baking creativity with this powerful stand mixer.

Product Design and Quality

The Vivohome Stand Mixer is designed with quality and durability in mind. It features a sturdy die-cast aluminum construction, giving it a solid feel and allowing it to handle heavy-duty kneading and mixing tasks with ease.

Its lockable tilting head design also makes installation of the bowl and attachments quick and easy. The splash shield prevents the ingredients from spilling out and makes cleanup a breeze.

The motor is powerful yet quiet, making sure that your kitchen won't be filled with loud noises when you're creating delicious treats.

Plus, its durable design and parts make it perfect for heavy-duty use so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Features & Benefits

Enjoy more freedom in creating delicious treats as you mix everything up perfectly with this ultimate kitchen companion.

With its easy to use controls and comprehensive features, it will surely be an invaluable addition to any kitchen setup - especially yours!

Product features

The powerful 660W motor, 6-speed control with a pulse function, stainless steel bowl and 7.5QT large capacity makes it perfect for baking enthusiasts looking to take their skills up to the next level!

Some of our favorite benefits include:

  • Saves time and energy
  • Mixes ingredients evenly
  • Provides faster mixing times which may improve the texture of your baked goods
  • Allows for hands-free mixing while you perform other tasks
  • Can handle heavy dough and batter
  • Comes with attachments such as a dough hook, a beater, and a whisk that are interchangeable
  • Offers different speeds for various mixing needs
  • Provides versatility and precision in handling complex recipes
  • Can be used for making pasta, sausage, ice cream, and other culinary delights as well
  • Makes baking more effortless and enjoyable.

Pros Of The Mixer

The Vivohome Mixer offers many advantages for the home baker or chef such as:

  • Powerful 660W motor to knead and mix all types of ingredients
  • 6-speed control with pulse function offers great control
  • Stainless steel bowl with a large capacity handles large batches
  • Tilt-head design makes it easier to install the bowl and change out accessories
  • Splash shield helps keep ingredients from spilling out while mixing
  • Durable design and parts perfect for heavy-duty use guaranteeing years of usage

Cons Of The Mixer

The Vivohome Mixer does have some cons that should be mentioned.

  • First, with its large capacity and power, the mixer is on the heavier side.  This may cause issues for those with limited counter space
  • Second, it can be challenging for those new to stand mixers to figure out the speed settings. It is best to read the provided manual thoroughly before using the mixer in order to understand how the speed settings work and adjust accordingly.

Pricing And Availability

The Vivohome Mixer is available at an incredibly affordable price. It's one of the most wallet-friendly stand mixers around. With its durable construction, powerful motor and comprehensive features, you are sure to get your money’s worth from this mixer.

Plus, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get free 2-day shipping on this item. This means that your mixer will arrive quickly and conveniently at your doorstep in no time!

So don’t wait any longer - order your Vivohome Mixer today and make all of your food prep dreams come true.

Vevohome 660W Mixer

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Comparisons Between the Top Brands

When it comes to stand mixers, the Vivohome Mixer is among the top picks in its category. It stands out from other models due to its power and affordability.

The 660W motor offers more than enough power for any baking task while the 6-speed control with pulse function gives you great control over the mixing process. Additionally, it also has a larger capacity than many of its competitors, making it perfect for large batches of dough.

When compared to models such as the KitchenAid Classic Plus Stand Mixer and the Hamilton Beach 6-speed Electric Stand Mixer, the Vivohome mixer offers more power at a lower price point. It also has a tilt-head design and a splash shield, features that are lacking in the KitchenAid model.

The Hamilton Beach model has an impressive amount of power and a smaller footprint than the Vivohome Mixer, but it also lacks some of the additional attachments and accessories offered by other models.

Overall, the Vivohome offers a great combination of power and affordability that is hard to beat.

It offers all the features necessary for successful food preparation while also being easy on your wallet. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable stand mixer, the Vivohome Mixer is definitely worth considering.

Competitor brands

What Customers Are Saying

The Vivohome Stand Mixer has received many positive reviews from customers. User feedback praises the mixer for its powerful motor, durable construction, and comprehensive features.

Customers appreciate how easy it is to install the bowl and change out accessories as well as the overall ease of use. Many users also find that the mixer does an excellent job of mixing, kneading and whipping.

In addition to positive reviews, customers have also shared some of their favorite things about the Vivohome Mixer. Many users praise its tilt-head design which makes it easy to add ingredients while mixing as well as the splash guard which prevents messes from occurring.

Personal Thoughts And Opinion

I highly recommend the Vivohome Stand Mixer for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable stand mixer. The 660W motor offers plenty of power for all your baking needs, and the multi speed control with pulse gives you great control over the mixing process.

Making whipped cream, dough, and even ice cream in this excellent helper is super easy and it makes a great gift for anyone you know that loves baking. I should also note that the price point is low for the value you get.

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When it comes to stand mixers, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

How do you know which mixer is the best for your needs? What features should you look for? And how much power does a good stand mixer have?

We've got the answers! We answered some of the most common questions about stand mixers and the Vivohome Stand Mixer below:

What type of attachments does the Vivohome Mixer come with?

The Vivohome Stand Mixer comes with a whisk, dough hook and flat beater attachment. It also features a mixing bowl and splash guard to help protect your kitchen surfaces from messes.

Does the mixer have variable speeds?

Yes, this stand mixer has 6-speed settings as well as a pulse function for greater control over the speed of your mix.

How much power does this mixer offer?

The Vivohome Stand Mixer offers 660W of power which makes it strong enough to tackle any baking task you throw at it.

Is the bowl removable?

Yes, the stainless steel bowl is easily removed so that you can change out ingredients quickly or clean up after use.

Is The Vivohome Multifunctional Stand Mixer Right For You

The Vivohome Stand Mixer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to save money without compromising on features. It offers a powerful motor, durable construction and comprehensive features that make it easy to use and great for mixing, kneading and whipping. With its tilt-head design, splash guard and additional attachments and accessories, this stand mixer has everything you need for successful food preparation at home. If you're in the market for a reliable yet affordable stand mixer - look no further than the Vivohome Stand Mixer!

Why You Need This Mixer

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable stand mixer that won't break the bank, then look no further than the Vivohome Mixer! It features 6-speed settings with pulse function, for mixing quickly. It has 660W of power to tackle any baking task as well as additional attachments. Experience all these great features yourself - share this review or purchase it on Amazon by tapping below now!