What's the Difference Between Ski Gloves and Mittens?

The age old debate on the mountain, are mittens or gloves better? Is there a ight answer? Read on to find out!

Ski gloves

For any beginner skier, one of the most important pieces of equipment to invest in is a good pair of gloves or mittens. But what's the difference between them? What makes one better than the other when it comes to skiing? Let’s explore this question further.

Gloves vs. Mittens: Which Is Better for Skiing?

When it comes to skiing, both gloves and mittens are great options. However, there are some key differences in terms of their design and performance that you should consider before making a purchase.

Gloves tend to be more lightweight, allowing for greater dexterity while on the slopes. They also have individual finger slots which add more warmth than mittens since your fingers are able to generate more heat when they’re not all bunched up together. Gloves also provide greater flexibility due to their snug fit, allowing you to easily grip ski poles and adjust bindings with precision.  

On the other hand, mittens offer superior insulation with thicker materials that keep your hands warmer for longer periods of time. Additionally, many mittens come with removable liners that can be taken out to dry after a long day on the slopes.  Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference as far as deciding which type of glove or mitten is best for skiing – do you want something lightweight and flexible or something warm and insulated?


All in all, choosing between ski gloves or mittens comes down to personal preference depending on what type of skiing experience you’re looking for (warmth vs flexibility). Both types have their own unique advantages so if you’re still unsure which type is right for you then try out both options until you find one that works best for your needs!

Whichever option you choose make sure it's weatherproofed and waterproofed so that your hands stay protected no matter what elements mother nature throws at them!

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