Can You Use a Paper Towel as a Coffee Filter?

If you ever find yourself needing a coffee fix but you are out of filters, we have some options for you. Scroll on to learn more!

Paper towel filter

Blog Introduction: Ever been in desperate need of coffee, only to realize you don't have any coffee filters on hand? Most people would just head out and buy some more, but did you know that you can actually use a paper towel as a makeshift coffee filter? It's true! In a pinch, paper towels are an effective way to make your morning cup of joe. Let's explore how it works.

How It Works

Making a cup of coffee with a paper towel is surprisingly easy. All you need is ground coffee, boiling water, and of course, the paper towel. Start by folding the towel in half and then in half again so that it forms a square. Place this folded square over the top of your mug or carafe. Secure it with an elastic band or some tape if necessary.

Next, spoon the ground coffee into the center of the folded paper towel until it forms a mound. Pour boiling water slowly over the mound until it reaches just below the top layer of the paper towel. Wait for about 30 seconds to let all of the grounds soak up the water before pouring more water over them. The slower you pour, and less vigorously you stir, the better your filtered cup will be!

When all of the water has been poured through, gently remove and discard the paper towel from your mug or carafe—careful not to splash yourself! If there are any stubborn bits left behind on your paper towel filter, try pouring more hot water over them to help dislodge them from its fibers. And voila! You now have yourself a delicious cup of homemade brewed coffee courtesy of your trusty paper-towel filter!


So there you have it—all you need to know about using a paper towel as an effective makeshift filter for making coffee in a pinch! While they may not be quite as good at filtering out small particles as regular store-bought filters are, they'll do just fine in an emergency situation (or when running low on supplies). So keep this trick in mind next time you find yourself without any filters—it could end up saving your day (and taste buds)! Happy brewing!

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