Best Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Review (You're Gonna Love #7)

If you are looking for a magnetic paper towel holder you NEED to read this review before you buy! We have the top picks for you!

magnetic paper towel holder

Are you looking for a better way to keep your kitchen organized?

If so, you need a magnetic paper towel holder. They’re the best way to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. Plus, they make it easy to grab a paper towel when you need one – no more fumbling through a messy drawer or cabinet.

Not only are these holders stylish and functional, but they are very affordable. So if you’re looking for an affordable option that will still make your kitchen look great, then we have the perfect choice for you.

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How We Found the Best Paper Towel Holder Magnet

Paper towel holders are an essential part of any kitchen, but it can be difficult to know which one to buy.

There are a lot of different paper towel holders on the market, and it can be hard to know what features to look for.

We read thousands of reviews to find the best paper towel holders on the market. We spoke with verified buyer after verified buyer to get feedback.

Our picks include the best budget-friendly option, the best stainless steel option, and the best two-piece option that can resist surface scratching.

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Paper Towel Holders Magnetic Steel Brushed Towel Rack Holders with Strong Magnetic Backing - Fit for Large Paper Towel-for Kitchen, Refrigerator, Grill

Having the perfect towel roll holder on hand sure come in handy, especially when deli-thin or extra-long rolls are involved. This magnetic paper towel holder is just the solution you've been looking for! Complete with a strong magnetic backing, these can hold even a large paper towel without fear of it slipping off or toppling over. A strong and stylish addition to any kitchen, refrigerator, or outdoor grill space, you can enjoy enhanced convenience and modern décor from this chic accessory. With so many colors to choose from, you can find one that perfectly suits your style in no time at all.

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Kitchen Magnetic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder for Refrigerator, Grill, Toolbox

The perfect addition to any kitchen, the Kitchen Magnetic Paper Towel Holder adds style and convenience. Its black finish adds a touch of elegance to its magnetic base, allowing it to easily attach to your refrigerator, grill, or toolbox for easy access. Not only is it effortlessly stylish, but this holder has plenty of space for you to store all kinds of paper towels for any occasion. With convenient storage and timeless charm, this is an essential item for any kitchen.

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Magnetic Paper Towel Holder for Refrigerator, Kitchen Towel Rack Magnetic Paper Towel Bar Multi-Function Made of Iron, Used for Kitchen, Bathroom

Looking for a simple two-piece design? Get organized with this convenient Kitchen Magnetic Paper Towel Holder! The stainless steel finish allows a gleaming accent to be added to any kitchen decor. Not just for kitchens, this paper towel holder can also be applied to a refrigerator, grill, and even toolbox! The embedded magnet offers an effortless attachment and removal; no more struggling with cumbersome fixings that never seem to line up properly! With its sleek black color scheme, you can easily blend it into any existing setup or create a stunning contrast with lighter colors. Make tidying and organizing a breeze with this unbelievable paper towel holder.

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YAMAZAKI Hanger Home Magnetic Paper Kitchen Storage | Steel + Wood | Small | Towel Holder, White

If you're looking for a great way to bring style and function to your kitchen, check out the YAMAZAKI Hanger Home Magnetic Paper Towel Holder! This contemporary magnificence features a steel and wood design that adds some industrial charm to your home. The magnetic function makes it easy to store and access kitchen rolls and more of your necessities. Its small size fits just about anywhere in simple harmony! Enjoy a clean look with convenient hanging storage by getting the YAMAZAKI Hanger Home Magnetic Paper Storage Small Towel Rack today!

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Paper Towel Holder Black Magnetic Mount Paper Tower Bar with Strong Magnetic Backing - for Kitchen , Refrigerator, Grill, Toolbox, Garage,Shop

Now you can keep your towel neat, in one place, and easily accessible with this two-piece magnetic paper towel holder! Not only does it keep your kitchen counters looking sleek and organized, but it also comes with a strong magnetic backing so that you can mount it anywhere - pantry doors, refrigerators, toolboxes, grills, or even shops. Constructed from sturdy metal that's built to last, this paper towel holder is powder-coated in a beautiful black finish that complements almost any modern kitchen interior. Its design is simple yet elegant and its practicality adds to its charm! Stay organized while adding a touch of style to your space today.

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Katzco Magnetic Paper Towel Holder - Heavy Duty Steel Holder with Magnetic Backing - Sticks to Any Ferrous Surface - for Kitchen, Work Benches, Storage Closets, Grill, Garage

Are you looking for a convenient way to keep a supply of paper towels handy in your kitchen, workbench, storage closet, grill, or garage? Katzco has the perfect solution with its heavy-duty magnetic paper towel holder. It has a slim two piece design that saves space. This holder is made from high-quality steel and has an impressive magnetic backing so it will stick right onto any ferrous surface. Whether you're mopping up cooking spills in the kitchen or wiping grease off your grill before it cools down, you'll have an accessible spot to grab the paper towels you need! Get this convenient must-have tool today and make clean-up time a breeze.

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Magnetic Paper Towel Holder, 2-in-1 Magnetic Spice Rack with Hooks, Wall Mount Shelf Towel Rack for Refrigerator (Black, With hook)

Make your kitchen more efficient with this convenient magnetic paper towel holder. Not only does it keep your paper towels easily accessible, but it also doubles as a 2-in-1 magnetic spice rack with hooks! It securely mounts to the wall or refrigerator and its versatile design helps you stay organized in the kitchen. A cleverly placed hook allows you to hang things like aprons or even extra napkins out of sight. You won't have to worry about having an unsightly pile of towels taking up counter space anymore - this magnetic paper towel holder is here to help!

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Sleclean Magnetic Spice Rack Organizer for Refrigerator, Pack of 2, paper towel holder magnetic,Refrigerator Organizers and Storage, Multi Use Kitchen Magnetic Shelf

When it comes to keeping a kitchen organized, Sleclean magnetic spice rack organizers for refrigerators have you covered. Featuring a multi-use kitchen and refrigerator storage rack with magnetic backing, you can keep not only your spices where they need to be but use the accessory to hang up paper towel holders and other items as well. This sleek and efficient pack of 2 gives you the perfect place to store all of your cooking essentials without compromising space, making them a must-have in any organized kitchen. Pick up the Sleclean magnetic paper towel holder today!

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

People are always asking about the best way to hang their paper towel holder.

It can be tough to find the right way to hang your paper towel holder, especially if you're not sure what type of mount you need.

We've answered the most commonly asked questions about magnetic paper towel holders so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Where can you place your magnetic paper towel holder?

When it comes to mounting a magnetic paper towel holder, you have several options that give you a ton of flexibility in placement.

The most common place for them is on any metal or steel surface, like the side of your fridge, your BBQ grill, or even an over-the-range microwave. This is because magnets need to be attached to some type of metal surface for them to work properly.

The great thing about these holders is that they are incredibly simple and easy to install and don't require any complicated tools or hardware.

All you need is to simply place it on a metal surface and the magnet should ensure that your paper towel holder stays put! The magnet should resist surface scratching and is a great solution to save space.

Besides just sticking one near your kitchen appliances as mentioned above, there are plenty of other places where a magnetic paper towel holder comes in handy too!

They can be useful on toolboxes in garages or sheds since they make grabbing a cloth or rag easier without having to fumble around opening drawers; also popular inside closets where many people like hanging up their wet towels after taking shower; last but not least – on boats!

Magnets do not corrode from salt water so these would make the perfect accessory when out at sea since no holes need drilling into expensive decks for installation either – simply stick it onto any available metallic area nearby and off you go!

Overall, a magnetic paper towel holder offers convenience by being able to mount anywhere quickly while still holding strong keeping items within reach at all times - making everyday tasks more efficient while reducing clutter levels in both your home & away life.

How strong is a magnetic paper towel holder?

Magnetic paper towel holders can be incredibly strong and durable, depending on the design.

Generally speaking, a magnetic paper towel holder is made from stainless steel and features a powerful magnet at the back. The magnet on most models is usually of superior quality and powerful enough to hold up continuous towels or even larger objects without slipping off.

The strength of a magnetic paper holder also depends on how big the magnet is.  

If you're looking for something stronger than standard magnetic paper towel holders, consider ones with suction cups or hooks instead.

They are designed for hanging heavier objects like pot lids or kitchen utensils without worry about their weight bearing down on the magnet too much over time and breaking away from the wall surface due to its strength limitations.

Does a magnetic paper towel holder save space?

Absolutely! Magnetic paper towel holders are perfect for saving space in your kitchen, pantry, and any other tight areas.

Not only do they save you from having to find a wall or under-cabinet space for a traditional holder, but they provide an easy and convenient way to store your towels as well.

With a magnetic option, all you need is some extra metal on the side of your cabinets and/or refrigerator, which most kitchens have plenty of.

It doesn't require any nails or screws—all that's necessary is sticking the magnetic holder onto the surface with its built-in magnets.

On top of that, many magnetic paper towel holders come with multiple compartments as well so you can also store little items like rubber bands or spices alongside them if needed.

Finally, these holders don't take up much room at all (just a few inches) and make it easy to move around when needed.

If you're looking for ways to maximize storage while taking up minimal space in the kitchen (or elsewhere!), then installing some kind of magnetic paper towel holder can help make that happen without having to break out power tools or mount anything onto walls!

Can you use the magnetic holders outdoors?

Yes, you can use magnetic holders outdoors. However, it is important to be mindful of the environment when doing so.

Generally speaking, these types of magnetic holders are not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as excessive rain or snowfall—so if they get wet they could corrode and become unworkable.

Additionally, depending on the type of metal the magnets are made from, they may also be vulnerable to rust under certain conditions.

It is generally recommended that you opt for stainless steel-based magnetic holders if you're looking for an outdoor solution—this type will provide greater protection against corrosion in humid environments.

They should also come with rubber protectors that can further enhance their waterproof capabilities and ultimately make them more suitable for outdoor use.

The Right Holder for You

So there you have it, the best paper towel holders on the market to free up space according to our research. No matter which towel rack you choose, we’re confident that you’ll be happy being a verified buyer.

Finally, a magnetic paper towel holder offers an excellent balance of convenience & practicality while providing a modern look to any kitchen.

They are also ideal for those who don’t want the hassle of drilling and screwing in a conventional holder, as these require only a few seconds to install and can be easily relocated or adjusted if need be.