11 Purrific Picks for Cat Night Light: Feel Safe & Secure

Looking for the best cat night light? Look no further! We've got the top lights reviewed and rated right here.

Cat Night Light

Are you a cat lover who wants to make sure your furry friend feels safe and secure at night?

Well, we’ve got the purrfect solution for you! We’ve rounded up the best cat night lights that will keep you feeling cozy and content. From LED lights to glow-in-the-dark stars, these top picks are sure to provide hours of comfort and security for you, (or your beloved pet).

Not only do these products provide a sense of safety, but they also look great in any room. Whether it’s an adorable moonlight or a colorful constellation, these night lights will add some extra charm to any space while keeping your feline companion happy all through the night.

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How We Found The Best Cat Night Lights

Are you struggling to find the perfect night light for your home?

With so many different options, it can be difficult and time-consuming to sift through all of the reviews and determine which one is best.

Don't worry - we've done all of the hard work for you! We read thousands of reviews to find you the best selection of cat night lights, so that your feline friend can sleep soundly in a cozy, illuminated space. Get ready for some purrfect nights with our top picks!

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Mubarek Night Light for Kids Lamp Cat Lamp, 16 Colors Cute Night Light for Kids

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The Mubarek Night Light for Kids Lamp Cat Lamp is perfect for any little one's room! This adorable and stylish lamp offers 16 different colors of illumination so you can create the perfect atmosphere to fit a variety of moods. Its tap-control option makes it easy to switch through the range of colors.

Plus, with its USB rechargeable feature, this night light will always be ready when you need it— no more scrambling around for extra batteries! So don't fret about bedtime routines and let your child drift off peacefully in a room filled with the beautiful glow of this lamp. Both aesthetically pleasing and convenient, the Mubarek Night Light for Kids is a great addition to any bedroom.


  • Great night light to put on flat surfaces such as living room table.
  • USB rechargeable with long battery life.


  • You do have to recharge it occasionally even with the long battery life.

AIMILAR Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light Magnetic Nightlights Adjustable Brightness

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The AIMILAR Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light is totally revolutionary and makes late night trips to the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else so much easier. It's a bright yet adjustable magnetic nightlight that sticks anywhere you need it!

Plus, I it adapts its brightness depending on how much light it senses in the room. And better yet - no cords needed since it's rechargeable! It's a real game changer around the house. With this new magical lamp, everyone can now see where they're going.


  • Provides a soft warm glow.
  • Adjustable brightness and motion sensor.


  • Battery operated but it is rechargeable.

Cat Night Light [2 Pack], DORESshop Color-Changing Kids Night Light

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If you're searching for a high-quality and colorful night light, look no further than this Cat Night Light! This set of two electric plug-in lights feature ten different RGB colors that will create a beautiful rainbow in your child's room or bathroom.

Not only are they stylish and pretty, but they also offer the convenience of an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor so you don't have to worry about switching them on or off - they do the work for you. The Cat Night Light is an affordable yet amazing gift idea to make any child's (or adult’s) room more fun and welcoming!


  • LED cat night light has bright colors.
  • It provides a cool multicolor effect on the walls and hallway.


  • Needs to be plugged in so you are limited on where you can place it.

Cat Night Light 3D Night Lamp LED Desk lamp Touch Control 7 Color Changes

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The Cat Night Light 3D Night Lamp LED Desk Lamp is the perfect way to add a bit of character to your child's bedroom. This lamp has seven different color-changing functions that are activated using a simple touch control.

A wide range of colors from mesmerizing blues to warm whites make this lamp an eye-catcher in any room. With a smart, yet unobtrusive design, this lamp provides soft lighting for any space without overwhelming it. Best of all, it makes the perfect gift for children who love cats and appreciate unique home decorations.


  • Super cool and unique design.
  • Great conversation starter piece.


  • Not as durable as some other options on the market.

GoLine Cat Lover Gifts for Women, Cat Night Light for Wife, Mom, Teen Girls

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Wow your cat loving wife, mom, or teenage girl with a stunning cat house night light! Not only will it add a touch of decorative flair to any room, but it will also bring the calm atmosphere of night time.

Give this special gift to show your love and appreciation for cat lovers everywhere! It's small enough to fit in a suitcase for easy transport and is perfect for birthdays or special occasions. Brighten up their world with a charming GoLine Cat Lover Night Light - they'll never forget such an amazing surprise!


  • Unique design that will really stand out in a room.
  • Comes with a cool stuffed cat that curls up in the light.


  • More of a decorative item and doesn't throw a lot of light.

Christmas Gift Pet Cat 3D Illusion Birthday Present Beside Table Lamp

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The Christmas gift pet cat 3D illusion birthday present beside table lamp is a thoughtful and unique way to show someone special how much you care. Made by Gawell, this fun decoration night lamp features 16 colors and comes with a remote control that can easily change the color of the light with one touch.

The cat lover theme is sure to please any fan of felines - it's perfect for lighting up a bedroom or living space to give it a touch of whimsy. Perfect as both a special surprise and an accessory to brighten up any room, this 3D illusion light is the perfect gift for any occasion. The 3D illusion is technologically innovative and the remote version helps with a child's color learning.


  • Looks great in a dark room with the 3D illusion.
  • Has a remote control.


  • Remote is a little complicated for a night light.

Halloween Jack O'Lantern and Black Cat Bubble Light Night Light

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What's better than bringing the Halloween spirit into your home? Nothing quite sets the mood like decorating with a one-of-a-kind Jack O'Lantern and Black Cat Bubble Light Night Light! This delightful night light will be sure to delight guests, family, and trick or treaters alike.

Not only does it have a unique shape of an old-fashioned jack o'lantern with a black cat figurine peeking out, but it also features a bubbling light effect which creates an interesting visual display.

The warm glow of the light lends itself perfectly to any Halloween celebration or can be enjoyed year round as an homage to the holiday. With its cheerful design and cheerful effects, this Halloween Jack O'Lantern and Black Cat Bubble Light Night Light is truly the perfect touch for any festive home décor.


  • Perfect for Halloween.
  • Looks spooky for the occasion.


  • More of a seasonal night light.

Resin Cat Design lamp Creative Night Light, Black Cats Toy Lamp 

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For the cat lover or minimalist decorator in your life, the Resin Cat Design Lamp is an absolute must-have. Featuring a charming black cat design perfect for any bedroom, this Creative Night Light can be used as a gentle guide to get kids to sleep or just make for a fun decorative element for that special someone's space.

Made from iron wire lampshade and eye catching resin, this Night Light will last the test of time and illuminate any room it graces. Making a perfect Birthday Gift or Home Decor item, the Resin Cat Design Lamp is sure to be adored by any cat enthusiast!


  • Bright light and cool unique design.
  • Made with resin and iron wire so it is pretty durable.


  • Cat looks a little like a mouse. (I mean look at it)

Vdsrup Cute Cats Night Light Set of 2 Kitten Kitty Plug-in LED Nightlights Auto Sensor 

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The Vdsrup Cute Cats Night Light Set of 2 is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face! These adorable little critters are more than just cute decorations - they provide some real benefits as well. Equipped with a dusk-to-dawn sensor, the plug-in LED cat night light is sure to light up any hallway, stairwell, kitchen, or bathroom when the sun goes down.

Perfect for kids and adults alike, each set comes with two different kitty designs for twice the fruity-fuzzy fun. And best of all? They're super affordable too so why not stock up and bring some nighttime illumination to your entire home.


  • Auto sensor so you dont have to worry about unplugging it.
  • Comes in a 2 pack.


  • The design blocks the light a little so its a bit dimmer.

Cat Night Light, Children's Room Lights, Toddler Bedroom night Lights, Bedside lamp 

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A cat night light is the perfect addition to any children's room, toddler bedroom or bedside lamp. With nine colors available, high quality silicone, and a remote control, you can easily switch between creating a calm atmosphere for studying or something brighter and cheerful to light up playtime.

The night light is also the ideal way to create an inviting atmosphere when it’s time for bed, transforming bedtime from a dreaded event into something special for both adults and kids alike. Plus, with its clear shape of a cuddly cat, this night light adds a touch of whimsy to any setting. With its changing lights, brightness control, and super cute design, you will have endless fun with this perfect nightlight.


  • Comes with a remote.
  • Has multiple colors to choose from for lighting.


  • A little bulky for a night light.

CHWARES Night Light for Kids, Cat Nursery Night Lights with Battery, 7 Color USB Rechargeable

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Looking for a unique gift for your special little one? CHWARE's Night Light offers a creative way to add a touch of whimsy to any room. This multi-color table lamp is battery operated and USB rechargeable, making it practical and convenient.

It features seven color options that range from soft neutrals to vibrant hues, so you can find the right combination to match their personality. The cute LED cat night light doubles as decoration, helping to instantly transform the area into their favorite space! Perfect for kids of all ages, teens, toddlers and babies, they can take this gift with them wherever they go!


  • Multiple color mode options to choose from with tap control.
  • Can be placed on any flat surface.


  • Battery powered but it is USB rechargeable.

Get adventurous with a Spiderman Night Light!

If you are in to sea life you need a Fish Night Light!

Want to keep your night vision? You may need a Red Night Light

Get a whimsical Unicorn Night Light!

No outlet? Try a Battery Operated Night Light!

Get a simple USB Light!

Most Commonly Asked Questions About A Kitty Night Light

It can be tough to decide which cat night light is best for you and your feline friend.

Do you want a battery operated or plug in cat night light? What are the different colours available? How bright should the light be? Is it safe to use around cats?

We've answered all of those questions and more so that you can easily find the perfect cat night light for your home. We really like the LumiPets as the best option on the market today because it helps with engaging color learning for toddlers.  On a single charge this awesome light helps kids learn colors soft blue or red light so its educational.

Do cats need light in the dark?

Cats have better night vision than humans and may still see some things even in a completely dark room. They need at least some low level of lighting to be able to identify items like litter boxes, food dishes, furniture and doorways. Most importantly though, they also rely on natural circadian rhythms that use light signals to understand when it is time to awaken or sleep. 

Dim lighting can help cue them as well as other animals that day has started and it's time for them to become active. In addition, having lights on in the house at night can provide necessary safety against potential predators who might otherwise gain an advantage over your cat resting in the darkness. 

So while you don't necessarily have to keep the main lights blazing 24/7 in your home's pet areas, being aware of and providing even minimal levels of illumination can go a long way towards keeping your furry friend safe and comfortable throughout the night!

Are night lights safe for cats?

Yes, night lights are safe for cats and can actually be beneficial to their well-being. Night lights create a sense of security for cats by providing just enough light to make them feel comfortable in the dark. They also limit disruptions from outside sources such as bright headlights and loud noises that could wake up or startle your cat. 

Additionally, if you have a curious kitty who likes to explore late at night, having some light will prevent them from getting lost or injuring themselves on furniture or other objects in the dark. Of course, it is important to keep an eye on how long your pet is exposed to artificial light; cats should still get regular exposure to natural daylight every day as part of their daily routine!

How do you use a cat night light?

A cat night light is a great way to provide your pet with the comfort and security of low-level lighting for nighttime. The use of a cat night light can help protect your feline friend from stumbling around in the dark, as well as create an attractive glow for them to relax by during the evening hours.

To use a cat night light, simply plug it into any normal wall outlet and hit the power button. Then place the device close enough to where your pet typically sleeps so they have easy access to its calming, optimal lighting close to their body whenever they choose. 

Cats often enjoy sleeping near LED lights due their soothing qualities, so having a dedicated source of illumination right next to their bedding area or favorite scratching post will encourage them even more to seek out its comforting ambiance when they need some extra reassurance while settling in at night. If you have a daughter a cute light will amuse her too!

What color LED lights help cats sleep?

Although there is no definitive answer to this question, studies have found that cats tend to respond more positively to blue-enriched white and low intensity red LEDs. 

Blue-enriched white lights help soothe cats due to the cooler tones they emit, while low intensity red LEDs are beneficial because they don't distract from melatonin production. 

While any colored LED light can be used in moderation for your cat's sleeping environment as long as it does not feel overly harsh or intrusive, these two colors have been proven most effective at calming cats and aiding with sleep.

Are cats bothered by LED lights?

No, cats are not generally bothered by LED lights. LEDs emit significantly less heat than other light sources, making them much more comfortable for cats to be near. 

Additionally, LED lights usually have higher color accuracy levels, providing a better visual experience for cats than traditional fluorescent bulbs or halogen lamps. Studies have shown that when cats were exposed to both LED and incandescent lighting, they showed no preference between the two types of lighting. 

Cats are not believed to be bothered by using these types of lights in their environment; however it is important to note that too much ambient light may cause stress and anxiety in some cats so it is important to monitor the amount of lighting used around pets when using this type of technology.

Is red light ok for cats?

Yes, red light is generally safe for cats. Research has shown that cats have a limited capacity to see in the ultraviolet spectrum and can only detect shorter wavelengths of visible light such as blue and green. Red light falls outside of this range so cats cannot see it very well, if at all. 

That being said, it is important to note that prolonged exposure to intense red lights can cause cat’s eyes to become irritated or even damaged over time from overexposure - making it not particularly optimal for long-term use in any case. If you are considering using a red light for your cat, be sure to choose one with minimal intensity and keep their exposure short-term.

The Right Cat Light For You

If you’re looking for a night light for your cat, we’ve got you covered. We’ve read through thousands of reviews to find the best options on the market, so you can choose the perfect one for your feline friend. Do you have a favorite cat night light?

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