Do You Need to Wax a New Snowboard?

If you just picked up a new snowboard you may be wondering if the factory wax is good enough. You may want to read this article before you make a decision!

Snowboard wax

Waxing your snowboard is just as important as any other maintenance task. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, waxing your snowboard can help you get more out of your ride.

But do you need to wax a new snowboard? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of waxing your new board and why it’s beneficial for anyone who enjoys winter sports.

Factory Wax

The factory wax that you find on most snowboards will get you by but it is recommended to give your board a hot wax prior to hitting the slopes.

Its important to note that the snowboard manufacturers do a factory wax job that is meant more for durability and to protect your base during shipping. You have the option of using a cold wax also known as rub on wax but it is not as effective as a warm wax.

Speed and Glide

Hot waxing your board helps you go faster and glide smoother on the slopes. Wax creates a barrier between the base of the board and the snow, reducing friction and allowing for increased speed.

This is especially helpful for those who are just starting out because it will make their rides easier and more enjoyable. Experienced riders may also find that their waxed boards provide better glide, even in difficult conditions like icy or wet snow.


Waxing helps protect the base of your board from damage caused by rocks, twigs, ice, or other debris that can be found on the mountain. This also helps prevent premature wear-and-tear on your board, allowing it to stay in good condition longer. Wax can also help keep your edges sharp so they don’t become dull over time which would otherwise reduce edge control while riding.

Easy To Do

Waxing isn't difficult; all you need is some wax (preferably eco-friendly) and an iron or heat gun to melt it onto the board's base before letting it cool off completely before use. You'll find many tutorials online with detailed instructions on how to do a proper snowboard tuning if needed.

Plus, most sporting goods stores sell kits with everything you need included! Once you apply fresh wax and let it cool you will want to scrape the thin layer of excess wax from your brand new snowboard.

If you do go to a  local ski shop to get your snowboard waxed make sure they are using a good hot wax. You will also want to be sure to get the right temperature wax, having the right temperature rating helps your board perform at its best.


Bottom line: yes, you should wax your new snowboard! Not only does this simple task improve performance but it also helps prolong its life so you can enjoy your winter experiences longer without worrying about replacing or repairing equipment too often.

Hot wax protects your snowboard base, but too much wax will slow you down you want a thin coat. Even if you’re not an expert rider yet, taking care of your gear is always worthwhile—so grab some eco-friendly wax and get started! Happy shredding!

Now that you know the benefits of a hot wax for your snowboard you will need to pick up a waxing kit that has everything you need.

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