Meditating on a Bench: An Easy Guide

If you love meditation but have a hard time sitting comfortably, a meditation bench may be the answer for you.

Meditation bench

Meditation is a powerful tool that anyone can use to reduce stress, focus the mind and body, and center oneself. A meditation bench is especially useful for those who are new to meditation or don't have the time to dedicate to traditional meditation practices. One way to meditate without dedicating a lot of time or space is by meditating on a bench. Let's look at how it works.

Getting Started

The first step in meditating on a bench is finding the right spot. Ideally, you want somewhere quiet and peaceful, preferably outdoors since it will be easier for you to connect with nature. If possible, try to find a spot where there are minimal distractions (like people walking by, loud noises, etc.). Once you have found your spot, take a few moments to appreciate and take in your surroundings before sitting down on the bench.

Positioning Yourself

When positioning yourself on the bench, make sure that you are comfortable yet alert. You don’t want your body to be too relaxed as this can distract you from your meditation practice - but at the same time you don’t want your body position to be so rigid that it causes any kind of discomfort. If you feel like relaxing more deeply into the bench while meditating, try adjusting your posture and using pillows or blankets if necessary.

Meditation Practice

Once you feel settled into your position on the bench, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Notice how it feels as it enters and leaves your body – any sensations such as warmth or coolness?

As thoughts come up during this process – which they inevitably will – acknowledge them but don’t get attached to them or focus too heavily on them; instead bring yourself back to focusing on each breath as it comes in and leaves out of your body until eventually these distracting thoughts dissipate over time.

You can also add in other elements such as visualization techniques or mantras if desired.   Ultimately, keep reminding yourself that meditation doesn’t need to be complicated; even something as simple as taking five minutes every day sitting on a bench can have huge benefits for both body and mind!


Meditating on a bench is an easy way for anyone—even beginners—to add mindfulness into their daily routine without dedicating too much time or space!

All it takes is some preparation beforehand in terms of finding the right spot and positioning yourself comfortably yet alertly before settling into focusing on each breath as it enters and leaves out of your body until eventually these distracting thoughts dissipate over time.

With just five minutes each day spent focused solely on breathing while seated outside in nature, anyone can experience profound benefits from this simple practice!