The Spikes on the Side of a Dustpan: What Are They For?

Dustpans are an iconic cleaning tool that have been used for many years. Now there are new features such as spikes but what are they for?

Dustpan for cleaning

Have you ever noticed the spikes on the side of a dust pan? You may have assumed they are just a decorative design feature, but in reality, they serve an incredibly useful purpose. Let’s take a look at what these spikes can do for you!

Cleaning Broom Bristles with Ease

The spikes on the dustpan are there to ensure that your broom bristles stay clean and tidy. When sweeping, it’s inevitable that some dirt and dust will get stuck in the bristles – which is why you should always use a dustpan to collect them. However, if you grab the broom with your hand to try to remove this debris, then you risk getting messy or even injuring yourself. That’s why those little spikes on the side of the dustpan are so important – they allow you to scrape off any hair or dirt without having to handle anything directly. All you have to do is press down on one of the bristles and use the spike as leverage!

Clearing Away Debris From Hard-to-Reach Places

Those same spikes can also be used for clearing away small pieces of debris from hard-to-reach places. For example, if there’s a tiny piece of food stuck between your stove grates or in some other tight space, those spikes can help you get it out without having to touch anything directly. Just press down with one of the spikes until it catches onto something, then pull back gently and voila – problem solved!

Final Word

The next time you take out your trusty dustpan and notice those little spikes along its edges, don’t just assume they are there for decoration – although they do look nice! Instead, remember that those spikes have an incredibly useful function: They make cleaning up after messes much easier and safer by allowing us to clear away debris from hard-to-reach places without having to touch anything directly. So next time you break out your dustpan for some spring cleaning, don't forget about its hidden benefits!