The Best Skateboard Helmets for Protection and Style

Skateboard helmets are an important part of protection while skating. The best skateboard helmet will provide protection and style for the skater

Skateboard helmets

Skateboarding can be a lot of fun, but it's also important to stay safe. That's why you need to wear a helmet!

A good skateboard helmet can protect your head in the event of a fall and also enhance your style.

In this article, we will review some of the best skateboard helmets on the market. We'll discuss their features and how they can benefit you as a skater. So whether you're just starting out or you've been skating for years, read on for the best skateboard helmet recommendations!

How We Found the Best Skateboarding Helmets Out There

It can be hard to find a good skateboard helmet that fits well and is affordable.

There are a lot of different skateboard helmets on the market, and it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. They all seem to have different features and prices.

We read through thousands of reviews to find the best skateboard helmets on the market. Our top picks are affordable, comfortable, and have a ton of great features.

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Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet

Best all-around adult helmet

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How it Made the Pick

When it comes to choosing a skateboard helmet, it's important to find one that offers both comfort and protection. This helmet features a reinforced ABS shell and a thickened shock-absorbing EPS core, making it ideal for riders who want to stay safe on the slopes.

The helmet also includes a padded chin strap for a comfortable fit. Whether you're hitting the half-pipe or shredding the streets, this helmet is built to help keep you safe.

What Makes it Worthy

Introducing the Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet! This helmet is perfect for skateboarding, biking, and more. It features two removable liners for different head sizes and easy to wash the sweat away. The well-attached & long-lasting adjustment dial and skin-friendly adjustable chin strap maximize the best fit and comfortable wearing.

Plus, the sleek design looks great on both men and women. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this helmet is a must-have for anyone who loves to skateboard or bike. So don't wait any longer, order your Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet today!

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet

Best midrange adult helmet

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How it Made the Pick

As any skateboarder or roller skater knows, safety is essential when hitting the pavement. But just because you need to wear a helmet doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. The Triple 8 Helmet is both stylish and comfortable, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to stay safe without sacrificing their look.

The classic shell shape provides ample ventilation, so you can ride for hours without getting overheated. Plus, the helmet comes in a variety of colors and designs, so you're sure to find one that suits your style.

And if you're looking for extra peace of mind, it's worth noting that the Triple 8 Helmet is worn by none other than Tony Hawk. So if it's good enough for the legendary skater, it's definitely good enough for you.

What Makes it Worthy

Looking for a skateboarding helmet that's comfortable, stylish, and will keep you safe? Look no further than the Triple Eight SweatSaver Helmet! This classic helmet has an ABS outer shell and a moisture wicking Sweat saver liner, making it perfect for skating and roller skating.

The Sweat saver liner is easily removed for cleaning, and the adjustable chin strap ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Plus, the sleek design is sure to turn heads when you're shredding the half pipe. So don't go another day without protection - pick up a Triple Eight Skateboarding Helmet today!

80Six Dual Certified Kids’ Bike, Skate, Helmet

Best value for youth helmet

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How it Made the Pick

As any parent knows, keeping kids safe is always a top priority. And when it comes to outdoor activities, helmets are a must. This Kids Helmet is perfect for biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, and other sports. It's comfortable and lightweight, making it ideal for active kids.

And most importantly, it provides essential protection for the head. With this helmet, you can rest assured that your child will be safe while enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

What Makes it Worthy

Introducing the 80Six Dual Certified Kids' Bike, Skate, Helmet! This tough and stylish helmet is perfect for those who love to ride and skate. The ABS outer shell is durable and protective, while the EPS liner and inner foam pads provide a comfortable fit.

Plus, this helmet complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Aged 5 and older and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards, so you can rest assured knowing your child is safe while riding or skating.

Whether they're hitting the streets or the skate park, this helmet is sure to keep them protected. Choose from a variety of stylish colors and designs to match their personality. Get the 80Six Kids' Skate Helmet today!

Skateboard Skate Scooter Bike Helmet

Best midrange in youth

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How it Made the Pick

Finding the right helmet for your outdoor activities can be tricky. You want something that will protect you without being too bulky or uncomfortable. This skateboard helmet is a great option for anyone who enjoys cycling, skateboarding, or any other outdoor activity.

It is fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit, and the length-adjustable chin straps make it easy to get the right level of protection. Additionally, the helmet comes with two sets of pads of different thicknesses, so you can customize your level of comfort and protection. Whether you're hitting the slopes or just cruising around town, this skateboard helmet has you covered.

What Makes it Worthy

Looking for a great skateboard helmet for your little one? Look no further than the Skate Helmet! This helmet is perfect for kids aged 2 and up and complies with all U.S. CPSC and ASTM safety standards.

The ABS shell resists impact, while the high-quality EPS foam provides shock-absorption. Plus, the 11 top and side vents keep users cool and comfortable.

So whether your little one is just starting out on their skateboarding journey, or is a seasoned pro, this helmet is a great choice for safety and comfort. Get one of the best skate board helmets on the market today!

Most Commonly Asked Questions Around Skateboarding Helmets

A lot of people are interested in skateboarding, but don't know where to start.

Skateboarding can be a really fun way to get around, and it's a great workout, too. But if you're not wearing the right gear, you could seriously injure yourself.

We wrote this article to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about skateboarding helmets. We cover everything from how to choose the right helmet for your needs to how to make sure it fits properly.

If you need a new skateboard helmet read our Q&A below!

Do skateboard helmets work?

Skateboard helmets do work and can help mitigate head injuries in the event of a fall.

The use of helmets has been shown to reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 88%. A good helmet should fit snugly on your head and have a hard outer shell to protect against punctures and abrasions.

It's also important to replace your helmet after any major impact, even if it doesn't seem visibly damaged. For the bet head protection look for a safety certified helmet meant for outdoor sports.

Whether you need skateboard helmets for adults, longboard helmets, eps foam liner or just a protective helmet size for any head, there is something on our list!

Are skateboard helmets different from bike helmets?

There are a few key differences between skateboard and bike helmets. The most important distinction is that skateboard helmets are designed to protect against multiple types of impact, while bike helmets are only meant to protect against one impact.

Skateboard helmets typically have a harder outer ABS shell than bike helmets, the harder ABS plastic can take more hits. Skateboarders often fall on their sides or their backs, which can cause more serious injuries than a fall from a bicycle. As a result, skateboarders need protection from all angles, while cyclists only need protection from the front.

Skateboard helmets also typically have more padding than bike helmets. This extra padding helps to protect the head during more severe falls.

Can you ride a bike with a skateboard helmet?

There are differences in style between bike helmets and skateboard helmets, so it really depends on what type of helmet you're using. Bike helmets are designed to protect against blunt force trauma to the head, while skateboard helmets are designed to protect against angular forces that can cause more serious head injuries. So if you're riding a bike, a skateboard helmet might not offer the level of protection you need.

What other gear should you use for skateboarding?

There are differences in skateboard style between street and park skating. Street skating typically involves more technical skills and features obstacles such as handrails, ledges, and stairs. Park skating is focused on large transition areas that mimic the shapes of swimming pools, with a variety of different rails, ramps, and slopes.

A complete list of the gear you need for skateboarding would include: a skateboard deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, bolts, and nuts. It's also important to have safety gear including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

You can use a bike helmet cover to protect from bugs or weather!

Can you use the same gear for inline skating as skateboarding?

There are differences in style, but most of the time, the same gear can be used for both inline and skateboarding. Inline skating is typically done with more speed and control, while skateboarding is more about doing tricks and stunts. However, there are a few key pieces of equipment that you will need specifically for inline skating.

Wrist guards can be used for most sports to protect your wrists from injury.

What is EPS foam?

EPS foam is a common material used in the manufacturing of bicycle and motorcycle helmets. It is a type of expanded polystyrene foam that is very lightweight and helps to protect the head during a fall or collision.

There are differences in style among bicycle and motorcycle helmets, but all of them typically include EPS foam as one of their key components. Some helmets also have a layer of hard plastic on the outside, while others have a more rubber like material. However, EPS foam is found in every type of helmet for both activities. Soft EPS foam is better able to fit different head shapes and a durable ABS shell protects from impacts.

The Right Skateboarding Helmet for You

So there you have it, our top selection of skateboard helmets. We read through hundreds of reviews to find the best for your consideration. Our team is passionate about finding and bringing you the latest and greatest in skateboarding gear, so be sure to check back often for more great products from us. Happy Skating!