Keeping Your Ski Gloves Clean and Fresh

If you are an avid ski enthusiast you may wonder what the best practices are on keeping your gear clean and fresh!

Ski gloves

Ski gloves are a must-have item for any winter activity. They protect your hands from the cold, wind, and moisture while keeping your grip strong.

Beyond the practical elements, ski gloves can also give you a sense of style on the slopes—but only if they are properly cared for. So, how do you keep your ski gloves clean and fresh? Let’s break it down.

Cleaning Process

The best way to clean ski gloves is by hand washing them in cool or lukewarm water with a mild detergent. If possible, remove any liners or insulation before washing to ensure proper cleaning.

After washing, lay your gloves flat on a towel and let air dry at room temperature; heat will damage the fabric of your gloves so avoid using a clothes dryer or direct sunlight to dry them.

To remove persistent dirt or stains, try using a soft brush with gentle scrubbing motions starting from the outside of the glove moving inward towards the palm area. To help protect the waterproofing properties of your gloves, use a specialized cleaner like Nikwax Tech Wash or Nikwax Glove Proof after every few washes.

Storage Tips

When storing ski gloves between uses, keep them away from excessive heat and humidity as this can cause damage to their shape and waterproofing capabilities over time.

You should also store your ski gloves in an open position so that moisture does not build up inside them; ideally hang them up in an area with good ventilation if possible.

It is also recommended that you periodically check for cracks or tears in your gloves as these can be indicators of poor storage conditions such as excessive temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight.


Keeping your ski gloves clean is essential if you want to maintain their quality and performance levels over time. Hand wash them in cool water with mild detergent and let air dry at room temperature; avoid using any heat sources like clothes dryers or direct sunlight otherwise you risk damaging the fabric of your gloves prematurely.

Additionally, store them away from excessive heat and humidity in an open position with good ventilation when not in use to ensure proper performance each season. With these tips in mind, you'll have no problem keeping your ski gloves looking fresh all winter long!

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