Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder: Brush Up Your Counter Space

Need to organize your bathroom counter? Check out these wall mounted toothbrush holders that will declutter your bathroom in no time!

Holder for toothbrush

Are you tired of your countertop looking like a toothbrush graveyard?

If so, it’s time to clean off your counter space with a wall mounted toothbrush holder! This handy device will keep all of your family’s toothbrushes in one convenient place and free up valuable counter space. Plus, it looks great too – no more unsightly piles of brushes cluttering up the bathroom sink.

With their sleek designs and easy installation, these wall mounted holders are perfect for any home. So now you can have everything you need right at your fingertips without taking up precious real estate on the countertop.

Get yours today and start freeing up on your counter space!

How We Found The Best Toothbrush Holders

Are you tired of your toothbrush taking up valuable counter space?

You've tried to find the perfect wall-mounted toothbrush holder, but it's hard to know which one is really going to work. With so many options available, how can you be sure that you're making the right choice?

Don't worry - we read thousands of reviews and did all the research for you! We found the best selection of wall mounted toothbrush holders so now all you have to do is pick one and enjoy more counter space in your bathroom. Now that's something worth smiling about!

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iHave Toothbrush Holders for Bathrooms, 2 Cups Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted with Toothpaste Dispenser

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What We Like Most

The iHave 2 cup toothbrush holder is a great option for those looking to save space in their bathroom while still having the ability to hold a large quantity of toothbrushes.

The clever design features two separate trays, each capable of holding up to six brushes at once, with a large central cavity perfect for storing your toothpaste or other bathroom essentials.

What You Should Know

The product also comes with an automatic toothpaste dispenser which can be set to release just enough paste for brushing before adding more when needed - this helps avoid waste and ensures you have enough paste on hand at all times.

This toothbrush holder attaches to the wall with an adhesive that is easy to use. The product comes in white so will match any bathroom décor color scheme.

Overall we think this is one of the best electric toothbrush holders available right now and it's hard to argue with its price point considering what you're getting here.

YJOHIGO Wall Mount Toothbrush Holder for Bathroom - Self Adhesive Wall Mounted Brush Holder

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What We Like Most

The YJOHIGO Wall Mount Toothbrush Holder is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their toothbrush and other bathroom essentials neat and tidy in a convenient and easy-to-access location.

This self adhesive wall mounted brush holder comes equipped with a large capacity that can accommodate multiple brushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, razors, etc.

The unit also features an open top that allows you to see your items without taking up valuable counter space.

What You Should Know

It's easy to install - just remove the protective film from the adhesive strip and stick it directly on the wall - no holes needed!

The toothbrush holder can be removed at anytime for thorough cleaning and repositioning - making this an ideal solution for those looking for a handy storage option without compromising on accessibility.

This product is made of high quality plastic materials that are durable enough to withstand heavy use without breaking down or losing its shape over time.

Additionally, its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms where there isn't much room to spare. We like how user friendly this product is, it will make sure your favorite products always stay right where you need them.

5 Slots Wall Mount Toothbrush Holder with Cover, Self Adhesive Toothbrush Storage Organizer for Shower

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What We Like Most

The LuexBox Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder is a great option for people who have a limited amount of space and want to be able to keep their toothbrush on the wall.

This toothbrush holder comes with a self-adhesive cover that you can place over it, making it easy to take this toothbrush anywhere you go.

The LuexBox is made of durable plastic, so it can hold up well in the shower or other wet location. I

What You Should Know

t's not super heavy or bulky either, which makes it easy to store away when not in use. You can even hang this one on the side of your mirror if you prefer!

This product is also really simple to install, so you won't need any tools or special skills to get started using it right away.

The LuexBox also comes with a one-year warranty, which shows that they stand behind their product and are confident that you'll love it too!

XoYoZo 4 pcs Silicone Toothbrush Holder Multi-Function Hook Waterproof self Adhesive Single Toothbrush Hook

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What We Like Most

The XoYoZo 4-Piece Hook Set comes in a variety of colors, making it easy for you to find the perfect match for your décor.

These silicone hook adhesive strips are safe and eco-friendly, which makes them a great option no matter what type of surface you're hanging things on.

The set is easy to use and installs quickly without the need for any tools or screws.

What You Should Know

They're flexible and won't damage your items so you can be sure that whatever you want to hang will stay put.

You can use these hooks in any environment so there's no need to worry about them getting damaged or rusty.

Even though they come at a fairly reasonable price point, we found these hooks have an excellent grip - meaning they hold onto whatever it is you put up there really well.

Overall, if you're looking for high-quality hooks that are both safe and effective then this set is definitely worth considering!

SimpleHouseware 6 Slots Toothbrush Holder Adhesive Wall Organizer, Chrome Wall-Mounted / Freestanding Chrome

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What We Like Most

The SimpleHouseware 6 Slot Wall Mount Toothbrush Holder is a great choice for anyone looking for an attractive and functional way to store their toothbrushes.

The chrome finish adds a touch of glamour to any bathroom décor, while the six spacious compartments allow you to easily keep all your toiletries organized.

Additionally, the caddy has multiple size slots so you can fit most kinds of brushes in there comfortably.

What You Should Know

The adhesive hooks are sure to hold your caddy securely in place on any wall, making this brush holder perfect for bathrooms that require a little more room than others.

It's also designed with sturdy steel balls, which helps it stand up on its own without needing additional support.

While not cheap per se we feel that the level of functionality and quality this offers justifies the price point.

YRWXDY Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted with Cover, Self Adhesive Toothbrushes Holder Holds 2 Toothbrushes

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What We Like Most

The YRWXDY Toothbrush Storage is a great way to keep your toothbrush close at hand in the bathroom.

This nifty device features a space for two toothbrushes, and opens automatically when you pull the toothbrush forward.

The white finish adds a touch of class to any bathroom decor scheme, while its easy-to-install wall mount makes it ideal for those who don't have much countertop space.

What You Should Know

It also comes with an easily removable holder that securely holds your toothbrush, so there's no worry about it falling out mid-clean or breaking mid-use.

With this handy storage device, you'll never have to search for your toothbrush again - just open up the YRWXDY and go!

iHave Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted, 3 Cups Toothbrush Holders Bathroom Organization and Storage 3cups

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What We Like Most

The iHave 3 Cup Toothbrush Holder is a great way to keep your bathroom clean and organized.

The innovative design features a space-saving upside down drain design that prevents dust and water stains, while the toothbrush holder wall mount uses three cups for easy organization.

The toothbrush holder is made from high quality ABS material which ensures durability and excellent sturdiness even in high humidity environments.

What You Should Know

The product comes with a 24 hour adhesive effect so you can firmly press the adhesive strip on the wall before use.

It's also dustproof and waterproof so it won't get affected by moisture or dirt like other products would.

We love how this organizer helps you save valuable countertop space while still providing ample storage for all of your bathroom essentials. It has large capacity so you no longer have to worry about clutter with this one!

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Wall Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush holders are one of those things that you don't really think about until you need one, and then it can be hard to know which type to buy.

Do you want a toothbrush holder that suctions onto your mirror or one that hangs on the wall? Do you need a holder for more than one toothbrush?

We've got the answers to all of your questions! Our toothbrush holder buyer's guide includes everything from the basics (like what type of holder is best for you) to more specific questions (like how to clean a glass toothbrush holder).

How do you clean a toothbrush holder?

Cleaning a toothbrush holder is an important task that should be done regularly. With the accumulation of bacteria from saliva and toothpaste residue, it's essential to keep your brush holder as clean as possible. Fortunately, cleaning a toothbrush holder is relatively simple and straightforward.

First, take out all removable parts such as the cup or lid, if there are any. Then, use warm soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth to wipe down the outside of your holder - be sure to scrub off any stubborn spots thoroughly. Rinse with warm water afterwards and dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

For deeper cleaning purposes, you can also use white vinegar diluted with equal parts water in place of the soap solution above. Make sure to rinse your brush holder well afterwards! If more serious staining has occurred on hard-to-clean areas like grooves or ridges inside the bottom of the stand, you can also try using baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide paste applied directly onto those tough spots (be sure not to get this paste on any metal hardware). Scrub gently until all stains have been removed before rinsing thoroughly and drying off once again before reassembling the pieces back together again (if there were removable parts).

By following these steps every few weeks – coupled with regular changes in brushes – you'll ensure that you're always brushing away plaque and harmful bacteria from your teeth & gums without putting yourself at risk for contamination!

Where is the best place to purchase a toothbrush holder

Shopping for a toothbrush holder online has never been easier! You can find an array of colors such as white or bronze, and different shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for something basic or something more ornate like bronze or crystal, there's sure to be something that will fit your needs. Many online retailers offer stock on a regular basis and have amazing promotions such as sales and discounts.

Shopping online also makes it easy to confirm availability and the item usually ships quickly after ordering from the page. With just a few clicks, you can join the online store, add items to your cart, enter payment information, and confirm the sale with a click of your mouse. If you need support you can email for customer help.

What is the most hygienic way to store a toothbrush?

The best way to store your toothbrush to maximize hygiene is to rinse it thoroughly with running water after every use. Then shake off any excess water and store it in an upright position - either standing up or hanging over a cup. This allows for proper air circulation, keeping the bristles of the brush dry which helps prevent bacteria from growing on the toothbrush. 

Also, make sure that you don’t store your toothbrush in a closed container like a drawer or box that does not allow air circulation. Finally, never share your toothbrush and replace it at least every three months or sooner if it appears worn out or frayed.

Where do you put your toothbrush in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, it can be difficult to find the right spot for your toothbrush. Fortunately, there are several clever and space-saving storage options available for you to utilize.

The simplest solution is to install a wall mount holder near the sink or cabinet where you prepare for your daily routine. Wall mounts come in various shapes and sizes that can accommodate multiple toothbrushes at once, which helps save precious countertop space. Additionally, many modern holders offer enclosed compartments so that they remain clean and free of germs while also providing an attractive aesthetic when installed beside other bathroom fixtures.

Another practical option is under-sink organizers that provide convenient shelving beneath washbasins or cabinets; perfect if you’re short on products or need more storage capacity than a typical wall mount offers.

These baskets or drawers can hold not only your toothbrush but also other items like facial cloths, shaving cream cans, bottles of mouthwash — whatever you need within reach during those quick morning (or evening) ablutions! So no matter how small (or crowded) your bathroom may seem, there’s no shortage of excellent ways to keep all essential grooming supplies organized and out of sight!

Should you cover your toothbrush in the bathroom?

Absolutely! Keeping your toothbrush covered in the bathroom is an essential step towards maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Bacteria and other germs can easily enter and contaminate an uncovered toothbrush, even when it is not being used, putting a person at risk for oral health issues like bacteria-induced cavities or gum disease.

Keeping the brush covered helps prevent both airborne particles and moisture from coming into contact with it. It also prevents cross contamination by reducing the chances of another person's saliva or germs coming into contact with your brush. Finally, covering your toothbrush up can also reduce bad breath since it keeps odors from permeating throughout the air of the bathroom.

When choosing a cover for your brush make sure to select one made out of plastic or another material that won't corrode and trap bacteria inside like metal covers tend to do. Be sure to change out the head brushes every three months as well for optimal protection against bacterial transferal onto your mouth and gums.

The Right Holder For You

So, there you have it: the best toothbrush holders on the market according to us. If your current holder is looking a little worse for wear or if you're just not happy with it, any one of these would be an excellent upgrade. Do you have a favorite that we didn't include? Let us know in the comments!