How to Hang Your Towels so They Dry Faster

A soggy towel is no way to end your shower. Find out if a towel bar or a hook will keep that towel dry for your next shower.

Ladder towel rack

With all the chores around your home, you’re likely looking for ways to save time and energy. One of the most overlooked areas is how you hang your towels! Believe it or not, the way you hang your towels in the bathroom can make a big difference in how quickly they dry. So today we’ll be discussing whether towel bars or hooks are better for drying towels faster.

Towel Bars      

Towel bars or racks are a great option if you have enough wall space near the tub or shower. This allows for more airflow and prevents towels from getting bunched up, which is deterring to their drying time.

Towel bars also give you an opportunity to display an array of colors and textures that add style and flair to any bathroom. However, it’s important to keep in mind that towel bars require more space than single hooks, so they may not be ideal if you don’t have much wall room around your bathtub or shower.

Towel Hooks

On the other hand, towel hooks are great if you’re limited on space but still want a way to hang up multiple towels at once without taking up too much room on the wall. Hooks also offer a sleek look since there isn’t any hardware involved like with towel bars.

Some people even prefer using more than one hook side-by-side so they can hang two towels next to each other without bunching them up as much as with a bar setup (which would require two separate pieces of hardware). However, because hooks don’t allow for as much air flow around them, they tend to take longer for towels to dry fully when compared to towel bars.


All in all, it depends on your preferences and needs when deciding between towel bars and hooks for drying your towels faster! While both options offer unique benefits depending on what type of wall space you have available in your bathroom, towel racks are typically better for quick drying due to their ability for greater air flow around them.

If you don't have much wall space or need something sleeker looking than bars, then hooks might be right up your alley! Whichever choice you make just remember that proper ventilation is key when it comes to drying towels quickly and efficiently.

A ladder towel rack is a good option as well: